AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation Closes Record Year Serving Nearly 130,000 Borrowers With Total Loans of $36 Billion

2022 marks AmeriSave’s 20th anniversary, so it’s off to an exciting start.

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation, one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held mortgage lenders, announced today that it has funded more than $36 billion in loans in 2021; a 49% increase over 2020. AmeriSave funded nearly 130,000 refinances and purchase loans, an increase of 38.6% in refinance loans and 628.5% in purchase loans. Since the company’s founding in 2002, AmeriSave has helped more than 664,000 borrowers realize their dream of owning their home through the refinancing and purchasing process, with approximately $115 billion in total lending.

“While we are incredibly proud of how many clients we have helped over the past year, we look even more forward to what we can do for them in the days and years to come,” said Mike Berte, President and COO of AmeriSave Mortgage Group . “By remaining at the forefront of digital mortgages, AmeriSave continues to serve as the technology leader in the industry and paves the way for record profitability in which we continue to invest to expand our offerings and services.”

AmeriSave was named #1 by LendingTree for client satisfaction for the last five consecutive quarters (Q3 2020-Q3 2021) and continues to serve as an advocate for each individual on their journey to home ownership and financial success. AmeriSave continues to expand its services by continually focusing on innovation and adaptability. A deliberate hiatus that has allowed the AmeriSave team to offer even more savings and benefits directly to customers.

In 2021, AmeriSave launched several new business units to support the growing needs of its customers:

  • AmeriSave Wholesale Mortgage Solutions (AWMS): Launched in June, AmeriSave leverages exclusive processing and underwriting technology called AUSSIE. AmeriSave has enabled its now 750+ brokers to consistently close loans in 7 to 10 days. AWMS has funded more than $1.3 billion in its first six months of operations, making it one of the fastest growing wholesale lenders in the industry.
  • AmeriSave Retail Credits: Since August, AmeriSave has been expanding the company’s retail model in local markets across the country to better serve customers who desire a personalized retail experience. In its first four months, AmeriSave Retail opened 43 stores and hired 126 loan officers, generating $204 million in monthly production.
  • AmeriSave Solar: Launched in May, AmeriSave Solar is helping customers manage their rising energy costs by transitioning to renewable energy. This program has quickly grown in importance, showing consumers’ strong appetite to find a better way to power their homes.
  • AmeriSave Realty, LLC: Launched in September, AmeriSave Realty makes it easy for clients to find a top real estate agent in their local market by leveraging a national network of trusted and experienced partners. This provides immense value to clients who already trust the AmeriSave team, helping to build lasting relationships with clients while growing partnerships with successful agents.

Additionally, AmeriSave introduced several new customer-focused initiatives over the past year:

  • RefiNow helping low-income homeowners who are still not taking advantage of near-historic low interest rates and have refinanced by offering an out-of-pocket appraisal fee loan.
  • A full, immersive Spanish-language experience to support customers in their native language and ensure all homeowners can benefit from AmeriSave’s low rates, streamlined application process, and superior customer service
  • Lock and Shop offers home buyers the opportunity to shop for a home at their leisure. This program not only helps buyers know what they can afford, but also gives them the freedom to find their dream home without worrying about fluctuating prices.
  • Often referred to as the second best offer after a cash offer, AmeriSave’s certified approval letter gives buyers a competitive advantage over other buyers.

“2022 marks AmeriSave’s 20th anniversary, so it’s an exciting start. We are very proud of the path that AmeriSave has paved over the past 20 years and just as excited for the future,” continues Berte.

Known for pioneering digital lending, AmeriSave makes it easy to complete the lending process online and offers low interest rates on its various products, including conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, and USDA loans. Many AmeriSave customers choose to “handle” all or most of their loan transactions with intuitive software that increases the speed and significantly reduces the cost of generating a loan. In return, AmeriSave passes those savings on to thousands of customers each month in the form of low rates.

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About AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

Founded in 2002, AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation is a leading mortgage originator best known for pioneering the first truly digital mortgage experience for borrowers. With six major credit centers across the United States, AmeriSave is a direct-to-consumer, Equal Housing Lender licensed in 49 states and licensed by DC, FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA. Visit for more information. NMLS ID #1168.

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