Andover nonprofits receive grant funding


Oct 1 – ANDOVER – Five local nonprofits in Andover benefited from community grants.

The Advisory Committee of the Andover Greater Together Community Fund made scholarships this month in its first cycle, made possible by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

In 2019, the foundation set up Greater Together funding for each of its 29 member cities with $ 100,000 each.

Each city keeps $ 50,000 in a foundation and formed committees to take requests from local agencies to pay out the other half.

Agencies must provide services that benefit Andover residents directly in order to be eligible for funding.

Funding was set up to promote civic engagement and was channeled through the committees of each community as local residents were best able to identify the greatest needs in their own cities.

Andover PTA received the largest $ 6,000 grant to build an outdoor study space that could also be used by the community.

Andover Veterans Affairs Office received $ 3,000 for the purchase of flagpoles for the city’s Veterans Monument Park.

Andover Friends of the Library group received $ 1,082 for building an outdoor event space with tents and a portable public address system.

The Andover Sustainable CT Committee received $ 411 for the creation of a community garden and outdoor classroom that will provide 16 garden beds for residents to rent as well as demonstration space.

Eventually the Andover Historical Society received $ 250 for the purchase of brass plaques to identify local landmarks, including the original Meeting House and Baptist Church stones and a former paper mill embankment.

“The Andover Greater Together Community Advisory Committee is pleased to receive these awards and is planning a second funding cycle in early 2022,” said Dianne Grenier, co-chair of the committee.

For more information on the application process for the next award round, please visit the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving website, www.hfpg. org / undübercf.

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