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The smell of cooked pizza wafted from the windows of Without Papers Pizza on the second floor on Friday, despite the city being closed.

The day after the city implemented the new statute that requires Calgary companies to require vaccine passports on September 22nd, Without Papers Pizza posted this message on their Facebook page:

“We accept everyone, be they vaccinated or unvaccinated, as equal in their humanity and as such with the same dignity and equality. We respect that the person has made a decision according to their situation and we grant this person the right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. We will not comply with City of Calgary 65M2021 regulations.

The following Monday, Alberta Health Services (AHS) suspended its food handling permit, but Pizzeria Ingelwood continued to serve its customers.

On Thursday, the city released a statement stating: “We have received many complaints and inquiries about undocumented pizza”.

The statement said the restaurant collected 27 tickets to “refuse to provide evidence of vaccination or valid alternative; Failure to display signage; and operate while its business license is suspended, ”confirming that its business and liquor licenses and permits have been revoked.

the Western standard went to Without Papers Pizza just before lunch on Friday to speak to the owners but the shop door was locked showing a notice that the restaurant was closed by AHS.

A man posing as the owner spoke through an upstairs window and said he was not interested in speaking to anyone.

“I’d rather let the people speak,” he said, giving a peace sign.

Around noon, people began to gather to wait for the promise of a free house pizza.

Latecomers continued to crowd around the front door of the pizzeria, and around 12:30 p.m. the doors opened for two people carrying stacks of pizzas. They were placed on two boxes of milk and over two dozen people helped each other in one go.

Through the week ending October 5, the city has issued a total of 62 tickets to Calgary companies for public health and statute violations.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter at The western standard
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