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Stay in Florida

“Bee readers react to Newsom’s Florida ads, federal employees’ salaries, CARE court and wildfires” (, July 17)

Here is a reply to Florida resident John Reinheimer who wrote to The Bee criticizing California:

They claim that all Californians “despise law enforcement.” Still, I’m retired from law enforcement, and everyone I know personally has a great deal of respect for law enforcement officers and first responders.

They criticize our “awakened” culture. But being “awake” just means being alert to social issues, racism, discrimination and injustice.

As someone who has known Governor Gavin Newsom since his days as San Francisco Mayor, the truth is that he is a very kind, intelligent, and pragmatic person. Meanwhile, your governor has been on a proverbial warpath against virtually everything – from banning mask and vaccine mandates to teaching critical race theory to suppressing voting rights.

How to Make Sure Everyone Wins: Just don’t move here to California.

Todd Gerou

citrus heights

Feed your neighbor

“USDA Partnership to Buy California Groceries Amid Inflation” (, July 28)

The federal government is providing $43 million to buy food from farmers in the Central Valley to feed hungry people. This is great news for local growers and hungry neighbors, and a reminder that Congress is now debating what will be included in the next farm bill in fall 2023.

What many do not know is that US international aid programs are funded through the Farm Bill. Farmers in the Central Valley also benefit from these programs. The need is great: Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from hunger and food insecurity.

The Catholic community, with the support of Catholic Aid Services, will support full and flexible funding for these programs. We will work closely with MPs Doris Matsui and Ami Bera and others to ensure the Central Valley winners are farmers and starving people around the world.

Rich Fowler

St. Anthony Catholic Church


News that matters

“Sherri Papini: Story of Northern California Kidnapping Hoax,” (, July 28)

Her newspaper devoted an extensive front-page space, as well as several inside pages, to “Hoodwinked: Sherri Papini’s Kidnapping Hoax” last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, a story unearthed as of 2016. What meaning or significance does this have for the readers? I am disgusted that you would saturate your newspaper with old accounts of a person (who may be mentally ill) when the world is on fire and grappling with so many society-changing issues.

Shirley Schultz


Climate profiteer Cooper

“California pension funds will not be forced to divest oil and gas after bill is withdrawn,” (, June 22)

I thought your readers in the 9th Assembly District of California would like to know what Rep. Jim Cooper did. If you’re worried about the climate crisis, you probably won’t agree with him. I know I don’t.

A bill introduced in the California Senate required California’s public employee pension system and California teacher’s pension system to divest from fossil fuels. The bill passed the Senate, but when it went to the assembly’s Public Employment and Pensions Committee, Chairman Cooper, D-Elk Grove, withdrew the bill and prevented the committee from voting. This is after he took more than $36,000 from the fossil fuel industry during his run for sheriff.

We should not directly contribute to the climate crisis by investing in fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry is also a lousy investment; There is money in renewables these days. This bill showed that a lot of people think we shouldn’t make money off fossil fuels. Obviously Cooper disagrees.

Paula Fogarty

Santa pink

need for pharmacists

“What you should know about the antiviral drug Paxlovid” (, June 1)

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized licensed pharmacists to prescribe Paxlovid as part of the Test to Treat initiative. Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare providers and are well trained to interpret laboratory results and understand drug therapies. Pharmacists are therefore uniquely positioned and clinically trained to prescribe Paxlovid in accordance with FDA approval.

However, the ever-worsening understaffing crisis in large retail pharmacies is preventing pharmacists from prescribing Paxlovid while ensuring patient safety.

The test-to-treat initiative must mandate and enforce appropriate staffing. This would allow pharmacists to do jobs they are already trained and prepared to do, while maintaining high standards of patient safety and providing our communities with much-needed public health accessibility.

Lan Duong

moose grove

wrong decision

“Elk Grove leaders say they want to address homelessness. So why are they blocking housing?” (, July 29)

Elk Grove’s decision to refuse development of a supportive housing project was wrong. It seems clear that the city council has reacted to NIMBYism. This type of supportive housing project is badly needed for the mentally ill and homeless in Elk Grove. This was clearly a well thought out project in terms of design and location. I was particularly disappointed by Stephanie Nguyen’s opposition to this project. I expected more guidance from her.

Tom Monpere


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