Board approves summer construction contracts – Albert Lea Tribune

The Freeborn County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved several contracts for road improvements and other projects to be implemented in the county this summer.

• The commissioners approved an approximately $399,000 bid from Freeborn Construction for storm sewers and plumbing at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds.

The district received four bids ranging from approximately $399,000 to $598,000, with the engineer’s estimate being approximately $443,000.

• The Board of Directors awarded Ulland Brothers Inc. a nearly $3 million contract for reclamation, rehabilitation and aggregate surfacing on County State-Aid Highway 26 between Freeborn County Road 46 and Minnesota Highway 251 north of Hayward.

The district received four bids, with the highest being at approximately $4.92 million. The engineer’s estimate was $3.08 million.

• The Board awarded Ulland Brothers Inc. a nearly $2 million contract for the mill and bituminous overlay on a section of County State-Aid Highway 6 from Highway 109 to County Road 29.

Only one bid was received, which was about $50,000 more than the engineer’s estimate.

• The board approved a nearly $1.14 million contract with Ulland Brothers Inc. to mill and coat a portion of Freeborn County Road 84 from US Highway 65 to County State-Aid Highway 26. Ulland was the sole contractor who had submitted an offer. The bid was about $10,000 below the engineer’s estimate.

• Annual road marking contract for the year awarded to Traffic Marking Service for approximately $174,000. Two bids were received for the service, with the engineer’s estimate being around $151,000.

• The commissioners approved a contract with Freeborn County Coop for approximately $149,000 for magnesium chloride base stabilization. Freeborn County Coop was the only offer received.

• The commissioners approved a $1.04 million contract with ASTECH Corp. for microfinishing areas on Highways 20, 25 and 46 for county state grants.

ASTECH was the sole bidder, and the engineer’s estimate was approximately $848,000.

• The Board approved a contract with Ulland Brothers guaranteeing 5,000 tonnes of washed sand for ice control. The bid was $10.50 per ton.

• The county also approved an agreement between the county and the state to access federal funds for improvements to County State-Aid Highway 35 in 2022 instead of 2023.

The cost of the units after trading allowances is approximately $472,000.

• The board also approved the replacement of two motor graders included in the 2023 preliminary budget.

County Engineer Phil Wacholz said he wants to order them later this year to ensure timely delivery of the new units and to take advantage of state 2022 asking prices.

In another action, the board:

• Approved resolutions for Minnesota Lawful Gambling Premises permits for Good Shot LLC and Freeborn Lake Recreation Association (DBA Oakview Golf Course) in favor of Ducks Unlimited Frozen North Chapter.

• Schedule a public hearing for April 19 at 8:45 am regarding the redistribution in the district.

• Promoted Craig Rosell, District Feedlot Officer, to regular full-time employment.

• Renewed a contract with Thomas Allen to provide case management services to individuals with recognized disabilities.

Suzi Nerison, director of the Department of Human Services, said most of the contract will be paid for by the state.

• Approval for four Public Works employees to attend, two of whom will be allowed to attend the government’s Ziegler CAT Training and Safety Days May 16-18. Ziegler covers the travel expenses as well as board and lodging.

• Went to a closed session to discuss health data that is not public.

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