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KENWOOD – A discussion of flooring to replace a carpet in the classroom, personnel matters and fuel contracts were highlights of the Penns Manor Area School District school district board voting session Thursday.

District Attorney Ronald Saffron reminded the public of the obligation under state school rules in most cases to place a bid or bid on the lowest responsible bidder.

That, said Saffron, “is irrespective of whether a bidder is in the school district.”

The board of directors placed a one-year ultra-low sulfur diesel contract with Petroleum Traders Corporation, an Indiana-based company that operates in Pennsylvania.

The floating price for 3,000 to 5,999 gallons is $ 0.0711 per gallon, adjusted to the average price quotation from OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) for the Pittsburgh area; and for 6,000 gallons and more, $ 0.0288 per gallon, adjusted to match the OPIS average booking price for the Pittsburgh area.

The company also awarded a one-year 87 octane unleaded gasoline contract to American Natural Supply of Rochester Mills.

The variable delivery price for 500 to 1,499 gallons is $ 0.1910 per gallon, adjusted for the average OPIS rack price in the Pittsburgh area; and for 1,500 gallons and above, $ 0.1380 per gallon, adjusted to the average OPIS rack price for the Pittsburgh area.

The board declined all other offers, including options for second and third year contracts, unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.

An agreement with C&L Installers to remove old carpets in a classroom and install luxurious vinyl tiles at a cost of $ 6,377.00 led to a disagreement with Director Ronald Larch.

“We wanted to fix our carpet,” said Larch.

Superintendent Daren K. Johnston said it was the company’s recommendation to do something else, citing the age of the carpet – roughly 30 years – as well as the inability to get a carpet to fit and safety issues, including the height of the carpet.

Because of possible liability issues, Johnston said, “They didn’t want to give their company name.”

Larch was the only no-vote. Board Chairman John Hardesty Sr., Board Treasurer Debora Tate, and Board Members Tammy Dalton, Dr. Paul Boston, Wendy Williams and Lisa Smiley voted yes.

Vice-President Jill Eckenrode and Director Richard Polenik were absent.

The board also approved a one-year access extension with Edmentum for the use of Study Island online programs and assessments for the elementary school at a price of $ 825.00 and for the high school at a price of $ 4,331.25 for a total price of 5,156, 25 USD.

Then it came to personnel matters:

Corbin Snyder is a new elementary school teacher at Instructional I, Level 2 on the salary scale, with an annual salary of $ 42,861.

Olivia Henderson was granted a term.

Justin LaMantia is the junior college girls’ new basketball coach on a three-year contract that pays $ 5,085.55 per year. LaMantia’s current post as junior high school basketball coach for girls is open to applicants.

Connor Antonio will be a fitness center monitor for $ 7.25 per hour as needed until all clearances are in place.

Pending all current approvals, cardio and impact tests and completing PIAA-mandated coaching education courses, new volunteer coaches Carson Rhea, Bob Packer, Brad Packer, Mark Dalton, Andrew Packer, Zach Johnston and Chad Kuzemchak will be in football; and JT Horwat and Megan Schwartz in cross-country skiing.

For 2021-22 contracts with Dr. Amanda J. Vaglia of Clymer Family Medicine Approved as a District Medical Doctor at $ 40 per doctor; and Dr. Adam Tomayko as the district dentist for a contracted fee of US $ 1 per exam; and extended for 2021-22 with Gittings Protective Security Inc., for armed security services during the school day and armed event security.

Johnston said applications will be accepted through July 16 at 3 p.m. for a special education director who would work 205 days per year on a salary of $ 65,000.

The board also gave the first reading of a revised threat assessment policy and final approval of the revised policy on trauma education, weapons, terrorist threats, harassment, bullying / cyberbullying, dating violence, emergency preparedness and response, and school security personnel.

Hardesty said all guidelines are listed on the district’s website.

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