Breaking news from Liz Truss: PM says UK ‘needs to do things differently’, admits causing ‘disruption’

Liz Truss reveals she has spoken to the former PM since taking office

Liz Truss will try to convince the British people that she will support them through the current cost of living crisis when she speaks at the Conservative Party Conference today.

“The scale of the challenge is immense,” she will say. “The first war in Europe in a generation, a more insecure post-Covid world and a global economic crisis. So we need to do things differently in the UK.”

Ms Truss will admit her economic plans, which she claims will boost Britain’s growth, will cause “disruption”.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister will insist in her first conference speech as party leader that there must be no more “drifting and lagging” in her attempt to “break ourselves out of this high-tax, low-growth cycle”.

Ms Truss’s speech follows former Secretary of State Nadine Dorries’ warning that the Tories could “absolutely lose” a snap general election after a new poll shows Labor have a 38-point lead in “red wall” constituencies.


Gove denies leading a “coup” against Truss

As new Prime Minister Liz Truss prepares for an all-or-nothing speech at the culmination of the Tory conference, Michael Gove has been forced to deny leading a coup d’état against her.

In a dramatic and unusually hawkish outburst from a Home Secretary, Suella Braverman told delegates at the Tory conference yesterday that she was “disappointed” by the reversal in the top tax rate and accused Tory rebels like Mr Gove of staging a “coup”. .

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 today programme, in a clip recording on Tuesday, Mr Gove was asked if he was a coup leader, to which he replied: “No.”


Skillfully lashes out at colleagues who “pre-announce” universal credit policies.

James Cleverly has appeared to have attacked colleagues for trying to ‘pre-announce’ the government’s policy of raising pensions in line with inflation after conflicting statements from ministers on the matter yesterday threatened to open a new rift in the newly appointed Liz Truss cabinet.

“What we have to do is look at the recently released inflation numbers,” said the foreign minister times radio. “Obviously the Chancellor and his finance team, together with the Prime Minister and ultimately through the Cabinet, will look at what the support package needs and then we will announce that early next year, as we always do.

“What I will not do, and what I believe my colleagues should not do, is try to announce in advance what the chancellor will do here at the congress.”

Asked about fellow Government colleagues, including Penny Mordaunt, to give their views on the matter, he said: “Ultimately we will all be bound by collective decision-making and collective bargaining.

“Once that decision is made, we will implement it and I think it is better, easier and more appropriate to bring your views and ideas in the usual way, which is through the Cabinet, through the Cabinet Committees.”


Thatcher would not have cut benefits because it was ‘not a real option’, says former Tory minister

Cutting benefits at a time like this is “not really an option” and Margaret Thatcher “would never have attempted it in the current circumstances”, David Davis has claimed.

Liz Truss “models herself after Thatcher,” the former Tory minister told BBC Radio 4 today Show, adding: “She really ought to be Thatcher in spirit. Thatcher was terribly bold strategically, but actually incredibly cautious tactically. and [Ms Truss] should do the same.

“All this stuff about, say, one of the controversies, the welfare cuts. Well, that’s not really an option. Margaret Thatcher would never have attempted that, and under the circumstances with the winter that we are having.”

When asked what he would say to those in his party who want to change leaders, Mr Davis said: “Well, first of all, you don’t have time for that. It takes a year, more than a year, to replace a leader in the Tory party. Sometimes it takes two or three years.”

But on Liz Truss’s start as Prime Minister, he said: “It would be a very, very unwise person to go over two years and try to make a judgment about what happened in four weeks.”

Mr Davis said while he supports Ms Truss’ goals of stimulating the economy, “the mini-budget … was a very bad start and she needs to recover from that,” adding, “Your speech today is incredibly important.”


The US trade deal has “always been complicated,” says Cleverly

A trade deal with the US “has always been complicated,” the foreign secretary said, as he insisted there was “a real desire” around the world to “work with Britain”.

“I was [just] in Japan, I’ve been in the Republic of Korea, I’ve been in Singapore. They are really desperate to do business with us. They want to invest with us in things like green energy generation, by helping countries skip coal-fired power and go straight to renewable energy, defense and security collaborations,” said James Cleverly Sky news.

“There is a real desire to work with Britain and these are countries right on the other side of the planet. And I tell you, the same goes for America, Africa and all of Europe. In the ASEAN region, Southeast Asia. The US is very keen to continue working with us.”

When asked about a trade deal with the US, he said: “You have to keep in mind that America is a large and very complex political environment, that individual states have a lot of autonomy. So, getting a federal trade deal with America has always been complicated.


“She chose the words she chose”: Clever distances himself from Braverman’s “coup” claim

After an extraordinary day of cabinet discord at the Tory conference, James Cleverly has now sought to distance himself from Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s controversial comments yesterday in which she accused Tory MPs of planning a “coup” against Liz Truss over her now-abandoned Plan to stage abolition of the top tax rate.

“She chose the words she chose,” said the Foreign Secretary Sky news. “But when you’re in government, you have the opportunity to take your ideas straight to the top machine. This is best done at the cabinet table or in cabinet committee meetings.”

“My view has everything to do with politics or the relationship with other ministers – it’s always better to feed it directly to the boss,” Mr Cleverly added.


We would lose the election if it were held now, says Nadine Dorries

The ousting of Boris Johnson and his policies is “a recipe for disaster,” former culture secretary Nadine Dorries told LBC: “Conservative MPs in the future may have a lot to answer for.”

Despite her attacks on Ms Truss’ mandate in recent days, Ms Dorries said she is not calling a general election “because we were absolutely losing the poll numbers right now”.


Liz Truss fights for her political life amid chaos, confusion and intrigue

Liz Truss is fighting for her political life after less than a month as Prime Minister when a chaotic Conservative conference witnessed a breakdown in Cabinet discipline and the first signs of organized opposition to her agenda.

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What do the government tax changes mean for me?

From income tax to social security, here’s how Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget could affect you:


UK economic policy likely to cause many more deaths than Covid – academically

The UK government’s economic policies have “probably” caused “many, many more deaths” than the Covid-19 pandemic, a scientist has claimed.

Researchers said their “not only shocking, but shameful” statistics showed that over an eight-year period, Scotland, England and Wales recorded almost 335,000 more deaths than expected.

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Trump says Truss’ tax cut agenda “might be right” for them.

Donald Trump believes Liz Truss will do “very well” as PM. The former US President praised Ms Truss for pursuing a tax cut agenda.

In an interview he said: “I cut taxes a lot and we did a lot more business and she did that. And I know she took quite a few hits for that, which actually surprises me, but you might end up making more money at the end of the day, it’s going to be very interesting.”

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