Credit redemption: how does it work?

If the monthly borrowing burden to be borne by a debtor is made up of more than three loans, then budget management is suffocated by the multiple repayments in progress. In this case, a credit buyback operation is a way to find a durable solution to the problem of multiple monthly payments with high repayment rates.

What is the point of buying back credits?


Credit redemption allows all outstanding debts to be consolidated into a single loan to obtain a monthly payment, more suited to the repayment capacity of the borrower.

Consolidation of loans makes it possible to reduce the monthly expense of loans being amortized while simplifying budget management. This financial transaction frees up an additional monthly budget which translates into more purchasing power.

Thanks to the loan consolidation, the debt ratio is reduced, which allows the borrower to approach the future more serenely: it is again possible for him to consider the new projects by obtaining a cash envelope included in the plan.

What types of credits can be grouped?

There are three types of debt repurchases, depending on the nature of the credits to be bought back (real estate loans and/or loans for consumption) and depending on the type of guarantee backed by the (if there is a real guarantee, we will talk about mortgage).

If the credits to be grouped are revolving loans or personal loans (auto loans or loan work without a mortgage, but also the loans of cash …) except the mortgage, it is then a repurchase of consumer credit. It is for tenants and owners. Its amortization period is in the range of 60 to 144 months.

If the credits to be bought back are consumer loans whose total amount of capital remaining due is high (> 80K € approximately) or if it is a repurchase of mortgage and consumption, then it is a question of redemption mortgage credit with a mortgage type guarantee backed by the loan. It is aimed exclusively at the owners of one or more real estate. The maximum depreciation period is of the same principle as real estate loans (up to about 30 years).

How to redeem credits?


A loan consolidation operation is carried out thanks to the intervention of specialized banks. These are banks little known to the general public because they are not accessible directly to individuals. If the bank accepts your application, it redeems all of your credits and you only have one monthly payment.

To obtain a buyback of credit, it is essential to seek the services of an intermediary in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP) , more commonly known as the broker for the purchase of credits.

Our experts at your side!

More than just a middleman, your family advisor accompanies you through the process of completing your loan application. It aims to find the best solution to your management problem to enable you to achieve future projects.

Thanks to the numerous partnerships established on the market with the biggest banks of the credit union, it guarantees you the best conditions for your project of repurchase of credit.

Through a mandate signed by the parties concerned, your broker family makes all the necessary steps with the organizations concerned (banks, notaries, …).