Delays in garbage collection cause Springville City Council to re-offer contracts



By Terry Schrimscher, for The Tribune

SPRINGVILLE – Springville City Council approved a resumption request for the city’s garbage collection service on Monday evening, September 20, during its second regular monthly session. The members of the council agreed on the measure at the working session after discussing the persistent delays with the service.

The garbage cans in Springville are overflowing with garbage due to the lack of staff in the waste management sector. (Photo by Russell Pitts)

“We obviously have a problem. I understand that citizens are frustrated and have every right to it, ”said City Attorney James Hill. “From the point of view of the City of Springville, the law says you get bids. We have a.”

In July, the city agreed to a new offer for services and extended the existing contract with waste management until September 1, but did not receive any offers from other providers.

“We haven’t signed a contract with one of them, and I’ll tell you why,” said Hill. “I have submitted three versions of the contracts, and each time you send me contracts back with changes.” The council rejected the existing proposal and agreed to solicit new offers.

Garbage collection problems aren’t unique to Springville. Cities around Alabama and the nation are facing similar delays, largely due to staff shortages.

The neighboring town of Argo recently switched from Waste Management to EcoSouth after several weeks of delays. Argo Mayor Betty Bradley said citizens had been promised a refund of fees from the waste management.

At nearby Mountain Brook, which has been under contract with Waste Management since 1995, city guides ask for patience as they work with the company to improve the situation. The city has already fined $ 27,000 and another $ 37,000 in fines is imminent, according to Mountain Brook’s website.

The City of Springville is currently unable to impose fines due to contract negotiations. However, Hill said he believes their agreement will allow them to make partial payments for services that might help resolve the problem.

“If you want me to create new quotation specifications, I’ll do them a little differently,” said Hill. “I would like to go ahead and pass the dump out. I think that creates a scenario where we minimize the number of bidders, ”he said. Hill also suggested introducing a no garbage disposal option so that councilors can see the cost difference.

“I think you should think about the offer the city of Ragland made in the meantime,” said Hill.

The city of Ragland has expanded an offer to send a garbage truck and a city driver to catch up on the missed routes in Springville. Some of the current routes are up to four weeks behind.

“As long as the waste management industry agrees to stick with it, I would love to see another tender,” said David Vinson, councilor for Springville District 2. Vinson agreed that the city should look into Ragland’s bid to get the garbage disposal high.

The Council also approved:

  • A permit for the Homecoming Parade.
  • Resolution 2021-33 approving participation in the Alabama Fire Chief’s Association Statewide Mutual Aid Consortium.
  • Authorization for Mayor Dave Thomas to enter into an agreement with Gulf Coast Underground, LLC for a sewer health inspection.
  • A potential increase in funding for the maintenance of parking facilities in FY2022.
  • An increase in city valuation letters from the price to $ 10 effective October 1, 2021.

The council held an executive trade and industry meeting to wrap up the meeting.


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