Domain Capital Advisors is the principal lender in Blackstone’s acquisition of Allstate Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Domain Capital Group, LLC, a comprehensive private investment management services company, announced today that its subsidiary Domain Capital Advisors has acquired certain subsidiaries, combined in Everlake Life Insurance Company were renamed.

“We believe the completion of this transaction will mark a significant milestone in our lending business,” said Patrick R. Leardo, executive managing director and chief executive officer of Domain Capital Group. “It has propelled our lending practice to over $ 2.5 billion in total loan-related investments since Domain was founded and demonstrates our ability to provide scalable loan solutions to meet customer needs.”

As part of a multi-credit consortium, Domain Blackstone placed debts for the acquisition on behalf of its clients, thereby expanding its portfolio of private credit investments in the insurance market. The company will also service the entire loan amount for the lender syndicate.

“We are seeing increasing demand for credit investments across all industries,” said Kate Floyd, vice president, Investments, Domain Capital Group. “We believe our team has thorough underwriting processes to reduce risk and constantly monitor collateral and performance.”

Domain offers personal loans in a variety of asset classes, including loans to operating companies, asset-backed portfolios, and real estate, with an emphasis on pricing methodology and structural creativity. It specializes in asset-backed structures that receive capital through detailed underwriting and flexible investment structuring, among other things, in order to guarantee capital preservation. The company also assesses credit risk to ensure returns are reasonable and clients’ capital is protected.

About the Domain Capital Group:

Atlanta-based Domain Capital Group, LLC provides comprehensive private investment management services to institutions, public and private pension funds, corporations, foundations, trusts, and high net worth individuals through its registered investment advisor subsidiaries. Domain Capital Group’s investment professionals have experience in a wide variety of asset classes and strategies, including real estate, natural resources, media, entertainment, technology, and credit and other financial services. As of June 30, 2021, Domain managed total assets of approximately $ 6.1 billion through its two registered subsidiaries, Domain Capital Advisors, LLC and Domain Timber Advisors, LLC. The assets are comprised of approximately $ 5.34 billion of real estate, debt, alternative and other assets that make up Regulatory Assets Under Management (SPACE) and an additional $ 742 million of non-SPACE real estate. Please refer to the latest ADV form from each registered investment advisor for further details. You can find more information about Domain Capital Group at

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