East Florida State College | EFSC President’s contract extended after exceptional performance

EFSC President’s contract extended after exceptional performance

February 7, 2022 – The Board of Trustees of Eastern Florida State College approved the contract of College President Dr. Jim Richey extended through 2027, citing exceptional leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The five trustees took the unanimous action Monday during Richey’s annual performance review for 2021, at the latest since he became president in early 2012.

The trustees touted his achievements in navigating the college through the pandemic and his success in other areas, including not increasing tuition for the 10th straight year.

They also cited his work over the past decade in transforming the college with 86 new academic programs that have produced thousands of graduates who now work for local businesses.

“Because of his dedication and focus, as well as the faculty and staff, we have improved the college tremendously. It’s critical that we keep him here,” said Alan Landman, chairman of the board.

Other trustees agreed, with Bruce Deardoff saying, “It’s nothing short of amazing how we’ve raised the standard of the college during Richey’s tenure.”

dr Edgar Figueroa added: “I cannot say enough about Dr. say Richey. It’s not just about the work, it’s about the results.”

Thanking the trustees and faculty and staff at EFSC, Richey said an unwavering focus on students has resulted in more than 19,000 students enrolling and 3,600 graduating in 2021.

He also said that the achievements of the past decade were possible “because of the commitment, determination and collaboration of our outstanding faculty, staff and administrators.”

“Going forward, I believe we are the right group of people and organization, led by our very capable Trustees, to meet the challenge of helping our students of today and tomorrow reach their full potential,” said richey

“By doing so, our local employers and community will thrive and our Florida region will continue its legacy of greatness. I am proud to be your college president at this crucial time.”

College achievements in 2021 have been detailed in a 24-page report cited by trustees. Highlights include:

  • No increase in tuition for the 10th straight year, making EFSC one of the most affordable public colleges in Florida.
  • Almost 19,400 students were enrolled during the spring, summer, and fall semesters, of which 3,659 graduated.
  • The college offered 4,152 classroom courses and 2,202 online courses, providing students with digital and on-campus options for learning while the pandemic continued.
  • COVID safety guidelines included on-campus vaccination events, and heavy contact tracing resulted in an infection rate of less than 1 percent during the peak of the Delta variant.
  • 11,500 students received $8.2 million in COVID emergency grants, which played a vital role in helping them stay in school.
  • Student events such as clubs, plays, concerts, and athletic games returned, sparking a revival of the college experience.

There were other important achievements as well.

  • The college awarded its 2,700. Bachelor’s degree since the four-year programs were first offered in 2013.
  • The Career Planning and Development Center reached a milestone in helping 75,000 students prepare for the job market.
  • Minority enrollment remained strong, accounting for 38 percent of EFSC’s total student population.

For more information about East Florida and its programs, visit www.easternflorida.edu.

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