Gallatin Board of Aldermen Discusses Employee Pension Scheme; Police department organizes “Toys for toddlers” program


The Gallatin Board of Aldermen discussed the pension system for employees of the local government in Missouri on November 8, 2021. The various retirement options with the program were discussed.

Administrator Lance Rains produced a report showing the annual cost of the LAGERS program for the City of Albany over the past 10 years.

Alderman Carl McBee switched to join the retirement program. The application died for lack of a second.

Alderman Dan Lockridge urged Rains to contact John Gillum regarding the unfunded accrued liability with LAGERS and how the city will be responsible for reporting the liability in its financial reports.

The discussion on the retirement program is to be resumed at the next meeting.

The board of directors agreed to grant 601 South Main residential utilities for residential use only.

Rains provided a copy of the application for professional engineering services qualifications for the proposed road construction project. He also submitted a memo from the Missouri Public Utility Alliance on the expected high energy prices in the winter of 2021-2022 and a request for the board to review.

The facility plan for the assessment of the sewage collection system has been completed and approved. The city is expected to receive the final payment of the funds shortly.

Rains will be in touch with city councils shortly to arrange budget meetings.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported that the electrical department received 138 new Sensus electricity meters with advanced metering infrastructure, which are remote disconnection meters. The crews have started installing the new meters in apartment complexes in Gallatin.

The Street Department has distributed stones on gravel roads across the city. The crews also winterized seasonal street gear.

Morey said that sewage sludge is applied to land.

Irvinbilt informed Morey that the city will be responsible for removing the old septic tank from the sewage system, including rebar and concrete.

Police chief Mark Richards reported that the police will be organizing Toys for Tots again this year. The registration forms will be available in the Gallatin Town Hall. He also filed a November 8 incident report that included four medical emergencies, four thefts, four dog shots, and four informational reports. There were four dogs in the pound.

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