Governor Edwards announces laws that were signed on Wednesday


Governor John Bel Edwards announced on Wednesday that he has signed the following bills from the 2021 legislative session. Click on each invoice for more information.

ACT 248 – HB 15 [] For the crime of staging a motor vehicle collision.

ACT 249 – HB 24 [] Allows members of the Louisiana State Police Retirement System to earn additional service credits at the time of retirement.

AKT 250 – HB 29 [] Provides in relation to the Firefighters’ Retirement System Deferred Pension Plan and Unfunded Accrued Liability.

ACT 251 – HB 45 [] Provides the disputed amount in dispute for the city court Sulfur.

ACT 252 – HB 46 [] Provides in relation to certain pre-litigation proceedings.

ACT 253 – HB 51 [] Changes the territorial jurisdiction of Justice of the Peace and Constables in Pointe Coupee Parish.

ACT 254 – HB 62 [] Requires the St. James Parish Assessor to pay the cost of certain insurance premiums for certain retirees of the assessor’s office.

ACT 255 – HB 74 [] Provides in relation to employee compensation claims offices for insurers issuing such policies in Louisiana.

ACT 256 – HB 87 [] Provides in relation to the administrative assessment of certain violations of regulations in the city of Monroe.

ACT 257 – HB 92 [] Increases the amount paid for a wrongfully convicted person.

ACT 258 – HB 144 [] Provides regarding board membership for the Acadia Parish Convention and Visitors Commission.

ACT 259 – HB 152 [] Ensures the constant revision of the code of civil procedure.

AKT 260 – HB 220 [] Offers in relation to public works contracts.

AKT 261 – HB 221 [] Offers relative to certain commercial driver license applicants.

AKT 262 – HB 230 [] Provides relating to Aquaculture Development and the Louisiana Aquatic Chelonian Research and Promotion Board.

ACT 263 – HB 242 [] Founding of the Louisiana Commission on Security for the Faith Community.

ACT 264 – HB 257 [] Establishes the District for the Prevention and Improvement of Plantation Prosecution of Crime in East Baton Rouge Township.

AKT 265 – HB 265 [] Provides information on penalties for illegally using an unmanned aerial vehicle system.

ACT 266 – HB 270 [] Contains definitions and exceptions related to telemedicine and telemedicine.

ACT 267 – HB 359 [] Offers relative to lawyers.

ACT 268 – HB 58 [] Extends certain funding for the Mineral and Energy Operation Fund.

ACT 269 – HB 64 [] Represents regarding misleading requests from non-governmental organizations that imply certain government affiliations.

ACT 270 – HB 70 [] Offers regarding the amendment of petitions in delinquency proceedings.

ACT 271 – HB 106 [] Offers regarding confessions of guilt or nolo contenders in criminal offense cases.

ACT 272 – HB 113 [] Allows a civil servant’s spouse to be employed by any person who, under certain circumstances, has or may seek to have a business or financial relationship with the civil servant’s agency.

ACT 273 – HB 134 [] Provides the composition and powers of the Allen Parish Capital Improvements Board.

ACT 274 – HB 135 [] Provides relative to the position of Deputy Police Commissioner in the City of Oakdale.

ACT 275 – HB 156 [] Allows you to change the job title from school counselor to school counselor.

ACT 276 – HB 183 [] Provides in relation to the state income tax withholding on federal disaster control benefits.

ACT 277 – HB 188 [] Offers related to health records.

ACT 278 – HB 192 [] Authorizes credit card payments to manufacturers and wholesalers of alcoholic beverages.

ACT 279 – HB 197 [] Provides in relation to professional licenses to health professionals.

AKT 280 – HB 261 [] Provides according to the qualifications of the members of the municipal fire brigade and police officer board.

ACT 281 – HB 267 [] Provides in relation to the online dispute resolution pilot for specific cases filed in East St. Tammany City Court.

ACT 282 РSB 12 [] Establishes an insurance fund for retired employees and employees for employees of the Orl̩ans Parish Clerk of Civil District Court.

ACT 283 – SB 66 [] Provides the peace officer and public safety staff Peer Support and Mental Health Wellness Act.

ACT 284 – SB 80 [] Allocates part of the state sales tax on room rentals in the parish of St. Landry to the Liberty Theater in Eunice.

AKT 285 – SB 81 [] Specifies reporting obligations to the Ministry of Finance for companies and government agencies that use service providers.

AKT 286 – SB 125 [] Exempts certain infused prescription drugs from local sales tax.

AKT 287 – SB 160 [] Adjusts state taxable income adjustments to state reporting to reflect the current adjustments to federal partnership audit

ACT 288 – SB 15 [] Offers relating to the purchase of telecommunications and video equipment or services by government agencies.

ACT 289 – SB 53 [] Provides in relation to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judicial Buildings Fund.

ACT 290 – SB 76 [] Provides an exemption for the hotel and accommodation.

AKT 291-SB 96 [] Provides the scrap tire program in the environmental quality department.

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