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MoneyLion is an emerging digital bank that offers consumers a range of options not found in traditional banks. Is MoneyLion Legit? As you will learn on this page, it is actually legitimate and more than able to help you take control of your finances, avoid and get back on your feet online banking fraud.

Where can you find MoneyLion?

You can find MoneyLion on and nowhere else. Keep in mind that phishers and hackers often use almost identical website names for their operations, including sending mysterious emails from an address that appears to be the same as the MoneyLion URL but is fake.

MoneyLion goes to great lengths to help you avoid bank fraud. You can learn more about it here.

How do you communicate with MoneyLion?

Scammers use a variety of tactics to steal information and put your financial security at risk. At MoneyLion, the bank is verified on:

  • Facebook: @Moneylion
  • Twitter: @Moneylion
  • Instagram: @MoneyLionInc

Remember, MoneyLion staff will not contact you out of the blue; they address you by your full name; and they require a security clearance that does not compromise your safety.

If you feel you have received suspicious messages or calls, contact MoneyLion at 801-257-4427. With a small dose of bank fraud prevention, you can spend worry-free.

Where is MoneyLion licensed?

MoneyLion is licensed to operate in the United States, including:

  • Alabama under a consumer credit license
  • Arizona under a consumer credit license
  • California under a funding license
  • Delaware as a Licensed Lender
  • Florida under a consumer finance loan license
  • Idaho under a regulated lender license
  • Illinois under a Consumer Installment Loan License
  • Kansas under a regulated credit license
  • Louisiana as a licensed lender
  • Maryland under installment and consumer credit licenses
  • Michigan under a government loan license
  • Mississippi under a credit availability license
  • Missouri as the consumer installment lender
  • New Mexico under a small credit business license
  • North Dakota under a money brokerage license
  • Oklahoma under a regulated lender license
  • South Carolina as a regulated lender
  • South Dakota under a moneylender license
  • Texas as a regulated lender
  • Utah as part of a consumer credit notice
  • Washington state under a consumer credit license
  • Wisconsin as a credit company
  • Wyoming as a post-dated check cashier

MoneyLion is also a reporting agent under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The company uses plaid security protection to collect information from your other financial institutions (with your consent).

The bank is also supported in the provision of services by Meta Bank and ML Wealth.

MoneyLion is recognized throughout the banking industry

MoneyLion is trusted by major institutions that have praised the platform such as:

  • Forbes’ 2020 Fintech 50th
  • Finovate’s best digital bank of 2019
  • Benzinga Fintech Award 2019 for innovation in personal finance
  • The People’s Voice Award 2019 at the Webby Awards

MoneyLion partners and investors

Given the awards MoneyLion has received, partners and investors are queuing to help, including:

  • Edison partner
  • Greenspring partner
  • Atalaya
  • DHVC
  • Broadhaven
  • and many more

You can trust MoneyLion with all of your banking needs

You can trust MoneyLion with all of your banking needs knowing that the bank is licensed, secure and staffed by knowledgeable, friendly professionals. Use these tips to avoid bank fraud and to make your interactions with MoneyLion as smooth as possible.

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