“It’s embarrassing”: Tonawanda, hourly union bogged down over MLK holiday | Local news

In the fall, an agreement was finally reached that also included a vacation swap for the employees: They waived their birthday vacation and received King’s Day and June 10th as holidays in return.

The workers ‘hour workers’ association works under a contract that is valid until 2024.

Emminger went to Adams to offer that union the same 2-for-1 vacation swap that the white-collar union accepted during the negotiations.

Adams said his members would not agree to the direct 2-for-1 vacation swap, but he and the manager had a back-and-forth discussion in early December about adding to the proposal.

Adams said he and Emminger had made a deal.

“We actually came to an agreement,” said Adams, adding, “In my opinion, the manager wanted to make the deal and the city council didn’t.”

However, Emminger said he only agreed to take the proposal to the city council, which rejected it. Neither Emminger nor Adams would say what the union was asking for in addition to the vacation swap.

Of course, the city could simply offer King’s Day as a public holiday for this group of workers. But Emminger said it wasn’t financially reasonable to add two paid holidays – King’s Day and Juniteenth – without the union giving something back.

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