LendInvest shares 10 notable buy-to-let or BTL deals that were closed during a week in June 2021


UK’s leading fintech in real estate finance CreditInvestwhich recently became a public company. with shares that are now at the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol “LINV”, shared 10 notable buy-to-let deals from a week in June 2021.

The LendInvest team writes in a blog post that the record demand for their buy-to-let products, since we are all behind us in mid-2021, “has not subsided, with” [the firm] continue to deliver a high number of buy-to-let deals for brokers and their customers. “

As noted by LendInvest, here is a snapshot or summary of 10 of the 23 buy-to-let deals they closed in a week in June 2021.

To take a closer look at their buy-to-let prices and offers, you can visit their buy-to-let page.

  • Ather stone
    • Loan: £ 183,750
    • LTV: 73.50%
    • Purpose: “Rescheduling real estate to raise funds for further buy-to-let purchases.”
  • Sheffield
    • Loan: £ 78,750
    • LTV: 75%
    • Purpose: “Buy a semi-detached house at a two-year fixed rate.”
  • Skegness
    • Loan: £ 93,750
    • LTV: 75%
    • Purpose: “Five-year time limit for buying a terraced house.”
  • Luton
    • Loan: £ 251,250
    • LTV: 75%
    • Purpose: “Buy a small HMO for a 2-year fixed rate.”
  • Dartford
    • Loan: £ 225,000
    • LTV: 75%
    • Purpose: “Buying a semi-detached house at a 5-year fixed price.”
  • Rochdale
    • Loan: £ 63,000
    • LTV: 75%
    • Purpose: “5-year fixed-rate mortgage for a new end-of-terrace home.”
  • Walton-on-Thames
    • Loan: £ 187,500
    • LTV: 75%
    • Purpose: “Capital increase rescheduling to a maisonette.”
  • Blackpool
    • Loan: £ 88,000
    • LTV: 80%
    • Purpose: “To reschedule an existing buy-to-let property in order to repay the financing with another lender and to raise further funds for further buy-to-let investments.”
  • Norwich
    • Loan: £ 236,000
    • LTV: 80%
    • Purpose: “Buying a new HMO property.”
  • York
    • Loan: £ 130,000
    • LTV: 56.52%
    • Purpose: “Semi-detached house bought with a 2-year fixed lease.”

Rod Lockhart, Chief Executive Officer of LendInvest, notes that LendInvest was founded because they saw “an opportunity to fill a critical capital gap in the real estate finance market”.

Lockhart added:

“It has been a market dominated by traditional banks for decades, characterized by rigid products, poor customer experience and manual, paper-based processes. We believe that the UK real estate finance market is one of the few remaining industries in the UK financial services sector that has yet to be transformed by technology. ”

He also noted:

“For us, the answer to this problem was clear: to create a new real estate financing platform that offers customers the speed, simplicity and security they want. With every loan, every new product and every year, we show borrowers and investors what the mortgage market should look like. “

He confirmed that she was informed on Wednesday, July 14th, about the inclusion in the Alternative investment market of the London Stock Exchange (LINV), and “Enter a new stage in our journey to simplifying real estate financing.”

He also mentioned that the IPO is an important milestone on the LendInvest journey and “the culmination of years of hard work in the hands of our team”.

Lockhart concluded in a recent update:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this success possible. Although this is a feast day for the company, this is just the beginning for LendInvest. “

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