LexisNexis extends analytics offerings to finance


As a litigation attorney, I never had to sift through hundreds of contracts to put together the correct market language for Clause 58 (c) (6) (iii) (⏁), but it sounded awful. Say what you want when trying to guess the meaning of 10 years of easily distinguishable opinions, but better to spend all night on it. On the other hand, transaction attorneys are much more marketable in the backend, so … maybe it would have been worth it.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of tools out there that can make deals less of an exercise in drudgery. We’ve already talked about the fact that not all contract lifecycle products are created equal. So there is no silver bullet for solving all contract problems, but rather a combination of tools that enable a remarkably efficient closing process.

And another tool in this market was released today with the announcement of LexisNexis Market Standards – Finance, a new solution for “researching and comparing current and relevant transactions, finding precedents and clauses, and scoring specific deal points for a more thorough one Document”. Elaboration and more successful negotiations. “

For LexisNexis, it’s the logical extension of the work they have done over the years. The company launched its M&A tool back in October. Now the company’s extensive data library and analytical capabilities are being brought into finance. In a few weeks, the company promises to present an employment solution. The steady path of analytics continues.

The new offering includes more than 2,200 SEC-filed loan agreements for $ 50 million and more than 350 bank commitments filed since 2017. In this library, which is expanded to include new deals every two weeks, Market Standards analyzes up to 90 deal points within. through loan agreements and around 70 deal points in commitment letters.

The easy-to-use filter system allows users to narrow down on stores based on industry, purpose, size, date and more. A user can filter it for deals with the same agents or borrowers to also get a clear picture of what has been agreed in the past.

According to the company’s press release, “Market Standards – Finance is included for Lexis and Lexis + customers who subscribe to the Corporate or Finance modules within the Practice Guide at no additional cost. ”This is not a shock as the Lexis + platform is at the forefront of data-driven practice. People can learn more about how to get access to the product here.

It’s another exciting announcement from LexisNexis. Stay tuned in a few weeks to introduce the employment product.

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