Local News: Sikeston Council Approves Phase One Project Armor (10/5/11)


SIKESTON ?? The first phase of Project Armor is about to start, albeit at a higher cost than expected.

Sikeston City Council approved an offer of $ 3,181,898.50 to G&C Contracting of Perryville for the development and construction of a new road, new water pipes, new plumbing sewers, new stormwater sewers, and the development of a stormwater basin for the entire Park.

The bid is 8.2% above the budgeted cost of $ 2,989,000. The work is set to house the new Carlisle Construction Materials facility and is funded in part by the Federal Economic Development Administration and the Delta Regional Authority.

Jay Lancaster, Sikeston’s Director of Public Works, said most of the surplus is in water and sewer pipes and recommended that the bid be awarded now as the prices of materials continue to rise.

Pershard Owens from Sikeston asked where the extra money would come from. Lancaster said it was possible that it could have come from the normal road budget or from general funds. Lancaster added that they were looking for a grant to help improve roads in low-income areas.

?? We have to do this ?? said the mayor of Sikeston, Greg Turnbow. ?? We are committed to Carlisle Construction, which brings 100 jobs to Sikeston. ??

Ryan Merideth, Sikeston councilor, said they are fortunate to have the project just 8.2% over budget as material costs are rising across the country.

To offset the costs, the third phase of Project Armor, the outdoor road project, could be postponed for a year.

In other measures, advice:

?? Elected David Teachout as Mayor Pro-Tem.

?? Election of Vest Baker City Council to the Careers Advisory Committee and Mayor Greg Turnbow to the Capital Improvement Plan Evaluation Committee. The council presented the measure for the election of a council member to the planning and zoning commission.

?? Financing granted to House of Refuge Domestic Violence Shelter up to a maximum of $ 5,000. Funds come from a $ 4 domestic violence surcharge on all community court convictions.

?? Approved the purchase of six new sets of structural fire fighting equipment from Sentinel Emergency Solutions for $ 19,386. DPS has budgeted $ 29,000 for new structural fire fighting equipment for FY22.

?? Heard an update on the airport fuel system project. The plans are sent to the Missouri Department of Transportation for approval, and then the project is advertised.

?? Heard the first reading of a bill that would convert 623 E. Kathleen from two-family / semi-detached houses to highways to set up a barber shop.

?? Approved a request from Jamika Allen for a conditional deviation from use for a daycare center at 201 Edward Avenue.

?? Heard the first reading of a bill that would overturn the sheriff’s pension fund surcharge in town court. The US $ 3 community court clerk’s fee has been ruled unconstitutional by the Missouri Supreme Court. The city no longer collects the fee and the vote at the next meeting will be to update the city codes.

?? Were asked about the census numbers and if it would change the stations. City Manager Jon Douglass said the numbers have been sent to their GIS provider who will map them and determine if any changes are needed to the stations. Douglass said he hoped to bring the matter to the council within the next few months.

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