Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) introduces Next-Day Pay, an innovative new incentive for appraisers that rewards on-time work and provides a significant competitive advantage to its lender and broker partners.


This new initiative has really raised the bar in the industry as it provides both a valuable incentive and an additional level of accountability. Since the industry standard is 30 days for an appraiser to be paid, the appraiser community has taken note of this new “next day money” initiative. The results speak for themselves, as NAN now reports a success rate of over 90% for delivering the rating to the lender on time, even despite the recent increase in volume.

“The biggest challenge facing the industry right now is the lack of appraisers in busy markets, resulting in late valuations and late deals. By evolving our compensation model to create a real incentive to deliver on time, we can do our part in solving the challenge so many mortgage professionals face. We now pay our reviewers 30 times faster to work on time. I would say this is a win for everyone involved. “Says Steve Sussman, Chief Business Development Officer.

Via NAN (Nationwide Assessment Network)
With a commitment to service, accountability, and data-driven decision-making, NAN is one of the longest-running and most trusted review management companies in the country. We pride ourselves on serving the lender and broker community in each county The United States Since 2004, NAN has been pursuing a partner-oriented, relationship-based approach with its customers and its large panel of highly qualified experts. NAN’s unique ability to leverage advanced data and predictive analytics, along with meaningful performance-based appraiser incentives, has enabled them to continually raise the bar on turnaround times and report quality, and have many of the country’s leading lenders choose NAN as their own preferred AMC. to turn.

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SOURCE NAN nationwide evaluation network

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