New York-based Global Capital Partners Fund provides millions in commercial loans

NEW YORK, NY, April 30, 2022 – ( – Despite the availability of a wide range of borrowing options, most companies are struggling to raise public funds to fund their operations as loans and lines of credit have been turned down. Global Capital Partners Fund, a NYC-based private lender, provides businesses and entrepreneurs with effective commercial lending solutions ranging from $1 million to $100 million. They provide financing solutions for real estate acquisition, construction, asset purchases, development, expansion loans and more. With experienced in-house underwriters and senior partners, GCP Fund can approve and disburse loans faster than other private lenders, making them one of the leading private lenders in the country.

GCP’s grant programs enable companies to operate and sustain their business in the highly competitive marketplace. From expanding operations to entering new markets, companies can quickly achieve their goals while closing their cash gaps. They offer financing based on the company’s assets and reputation, not credit history, increasing their chances of loan approval.

Their commercial lending solutions consist of commercial real estate financing, personal lending, bridge financing, asset-based lending, mezzanine financing, mortgage lending, etc. GCP Fund has tailored each solution to the unique needs of each business.

Joe Malvasio, CEO of GCP Fund, stated, “We have streamlined our funding process by removing the problems and limitations of traditional lending. Our easy loan applications and quick approvals have allowed us to help hundreds of clients over the years.”

He added, “With over $2 billion in transactions, GCP Fund is recognized as the most trusted commercial lender for home finance, cash loans and bridge finance. Our senior partners maintain strategic relationships with international lenders that offer effective commercial lending and acquisition financing programs.”

Small business owners often lack the resources to acquire large working capital, preventing them from growth and sustainability. The Global Capital Partners Fund loan helps businesses of all sizes meet their expenses, recover and expand their business, and maintain healthy cash flow.

Prospective clients can contact GCP Fund with the details below.

About the Global Capital Partners Fund
Global Capital Partners Fund LLC is a New York-based leading commercial lender offering multi-state term deposit loans nationwide. Their financing solutions include short and long term loans to meet any business need and requirement.

contact information
Contact: 1-800-514-7350
Address: 555 Fifth Ave. Suite 1501, New York, NY 10017
Email: [email protected]

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