News: City Government, WeBuild Signs $11 Million Contract For Repairs And Improvement Works On Legadadhi And Dire Dams

Addis Ababa – The Addis Ababa Municipality has signed an agreement with Italian company WeBuild, formerly Salini Impregilo, for a US$11 million loan secured by the World Bank to carry out the maintenance and improvement works on the Legedadhi and Dire Dams to support. The former alone supplies up to 40% of the city’s water.

Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abiebie said during the signing of the agreement that the city government is working to increase the city’s water supply, including by constructing new water projects and maintaining the existing ones.

The Legedadhi Dam’s reservoir has served for 50 years without proper maintenance, she said, and the agreement has been signed, allowing the dam to serve for more than 50 years. The dam was built by the Salni company, now renamed WeBuild, and it was decided to carry out the maintenance and improvement work by the same company.

According to the agreement, WeBuild will carry out the repair and improvement works on Legedadhi Dam, including excess water drainage gates, emergency water control, water diversion from dam to filter station, repair and improvement works, Addis Ababa Water and Sewage Authority Chief Zerihun Abate said. The excess water discharge gates and supply lines from the dam to the refinery station have been in operation for half a century and some disruptions have caused service disruptions, he said.

Zerihun warned that if the current disruption is not resolved immediately, the dam’s existence would not only be seriously threatened, but would also pose a serious flood risk to people living downstream.

The repair and improvement works are expected to extend the life of the dams by another 50 years and increase the water production capacity of the Leghadadhi Dam by 30,000 cubic meters per day. The repairs are expected to take 18 months to complete, Adanech said. HOW

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