‘Not qualified?’ No problem. Pas Toomey Votes to Uphold Trump’s Federal Anti-Abortion Court Election | Coffee on Tuesday morning

US Sens. Bob Casey (D) and Pat Toomey (R) of Pennsylvania (Capital Star File)

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When there is a promise President Donald Trump (who is campaigning this Tuesday in Hershey) can brag that he’s actually holding up without taking the truth too seriously.

And last week, the embattled White House caught another judicial appointment over the goal line Sarah Pitlyk.

The U.S. Senate voted 49 to 44 last week to confirm Pitlykwho earned the wrath of progressives for their opposition not only to access to abortion but also to fertility treatments and IVF.

Until it is confirmed to the Bundesbank for the Eastern District of Missouri, Pitlyk, 42, an attorney for anti-election Thomas More Society, had never tried a case. They netted an “unqualified” rating from the company American Bar Association, after slate.

Pennsylvania’s two US Senators, Democrat Bob casey jr., from Scranton, and Pat Toomey, of Lehigh County, stuck to their respective caucus on the confirmatory vote. Caseywho opposes abortion but supports family planning and access to contraception to reduce the need for them, voted “no” on confirmation.

Toomey, who rejects abortion rights but does not have the culture fighter profile of other Senate Republicans, was able to confirm a “yes”, as an official Senate name appeal showed.

(Screen capture)

How slate Remarks, Pitlyk has:

”… Co-authored Amicus letter against California ART protection, claiming (without evidence) that “the practice of surrogacy has serious effects on society, such as a decreased respect for motherhood and the unique mother-child bond.”

Pitlyk has too explained (again without evidence) that surrogacy “is harmful to mothers and children, so it is a practice society should not enforce”.

And she has announced that frozen embryos should be legally recognized as human beings, Write that these “children” are “killed” when embryos are destroyed. Pitlyk’s position – that states should treat embryos like humans – would likely prohibit not only abortion, but IVF and surrogacy as well. ”

Toomey, which is likely to face tough re-election in 2022, unsurprisingly came under fire from the Pennsylvania Democrats for his vote as well as his vote earlier support for defunding Planned parenting, and previous public statements that Roe versus Wade was wrongly decided.

Toomey has taken his misogynist views to extremes by voting for a judge who not only wants to deprive women of health care rights, but also wants to deprive them of the possibility of having children and starting families through IVF and surrogacy. Beth Melenasaid a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Party in an email.

“We already knew that Pat Toomey supports the repeal Roe versus Wade, is demolishing the health insurance of over 90,000 Pennsylvanians who rely on it Planned parenting Get access to contraception and cancer screening and treatment, and put doctors who perform abortions in jail “, Melena continued. “But now Pat Toomey wants tens of thousands of couples who become pregnant through IVF or who choose surrogacy to be denied the right to raise families. “

Toomeys The office declined a request for comment on the story through a spokesman.

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President Donald Trump waves as he walks across the South Lawn of the White House after disembarking Marine One following his trip to Williamsburg, Virginia on Tuesday, July 30, 2019. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour, Flickr Commons)

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Best wishes this morning to the Democratic Advisor, Mark Nevins, of Philadelphia and State Rep. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberlandwho are both celebrating today. Congratulations and enjoy the day, gentlemen.

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beat Washington by a pretty crucial 5-2 on Monday night.

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