Nulogy works with Southie Autonomy to streamline contract supplier labor management


New technology partnership for the introduction of shop floor innovations for contract manufacturers and co-packers

TORONTO, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Nulogy, a leading provider of supply chain collaboration solutions, today announced a new partnership with. known Southie autonomy, a Boston-based, award-winning developer of intelligent robotic automation to provide versatile and easy-to-use robotic solutions to optimize the production work of contract manufacturers and co-packers.

As labor capacity continues to challenge the subcontracting industry, Nulogy and Southie Autonomy will work together to introduce new ways to introduce technology-driven solutions to optimize contract manufacturing and co-packing operations.

Southie autonomy‘s state-of-the-art robotic arm solution is an intuitive, user-friendly, KI + AR-controlled platform that can automate highly variable contract packaging activities such as packaging assembly, kitting and palletizing and enable daily line changes. Southie’s robotic solutions can be configured in minutes and do not require programming or engineering experience to operate. Southie Autonomy aims to solve the challenges of co-packing work with a turnkey robotic arm cell that allows production workers and robotic arms to work side by side along the production lines.

Nulogy is the only purpose-built, multi-enterprise platform for co-packing and make-to-order networks that enables fast-moving consumer brands and their expanded suppliers to work together seamlessly on a centralized, data-driven, AI-enabled platform. Nulogy’s platform also digitizes the manufacturing processes of hundreds of contract supplier locations around the world to improve line efficiency and profitability.

“At Southie Autonomy, we’re always excited about new opportunities for robotics to unlock value and overcome the challenges of working for supply chain providers,” said Rahul Chipalkatty, CEO, Southie autonomy. “By combining the power of accessible, AI + AR-enhanced robotics from Southie Autonomy with the extensive digitization capabilities of the Nulogy platform, we will demonstrate that workable technology can fuel new growth and success for contract suppliers.”

“The speed and volatility of today’s global marketplace combined with the current challenges facing the industry’s workforce require new solutions for contract suppliers to optimize their operations,” said Jason Thama, CEO, Nulogy. “Through our partnership with Southie Autonomy, we’re excited to show how digitization can help resolve the labor crisis and provide new ways to bring tomorrow’s technology into today’s manufacturing facility.”

About Nulogy
Nulogy, a leading provider of digital supply chain solutions, enables consumer brands and their supplier communities to work together on a multi-enterprise platform to serve an ever-changing consumer market with excellence. Nulogy’s purpose-built, cloud-based platform streamlines contract manufacturing and co-packing operations, enabling consumer brands and their external suppliers to accelerate network responsiveness and collaborate at the pace of today’s marketplace.

Via Southie Autonomy
Southie Autonomy is an easy-to-use and highly flexible turnkey robotic arm solution for the automation of packaging assembly, kitting and palletizing. Southie’s AI + AR software platform enables any operator, regardless of their level of expertise, to convert the robot in less than 10 minutes. With this modular, flexible robotic arm solution, contract packagers and manufacturers can address the labor shortage by using their robotic workers for various tasks in a warehouse.

SOURCE Nulogy Corporation

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