Oklahoma Lawmakers Investigate Worsening Teacher Shortages | education



Sabra Tucker, executive director of the Oklahoma Retired Educators Association, told participants in Waldron’s study that, amid increasing criticism and demands from society, stress is currently the number one cause of teacher retirement.

“I’ve heard from people that ‘my health is not worth staying in the classroom. As much as I love teaching and the students, I love all the stress in the classroom with unrealistic expectations and more and more demands than ever in my entire career, ”said Tucker.

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Waldron said legislative action is a must at this point.

“It gets worse the longer we as legislators don’t act to solve it. I feel humbled and encouraged by the Joint House Education Committee, led by Chair Rhonda Baker, to take this matter seriously … There is a problem. We have to work together to fix it. “

Sherrie Conley, R-Newcastle, a former elementary school teacher and school district administrator, last week conducted a study of how “meaningful” training and professional development for teachers could help improve teacher retention rates, while Baker, R-Yukon and chairman of das House Common Education Committee hosted an interim study on “Innovative Approaches” to addressing Oklahoma’s teacher shortage.

Baker, who previously taught English to middle and high school, said it was clear that “Oklahoma, like most of the nation, is facing an acute teacher shortage.”


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