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Seven contractors have been warned that substandard work will not be accepted by the Department of Public Works as $ 1.4 billion contracts were signed on Friday for major infrastructure projects in regions four, five and six.

The contracts were signed in the meeting room of the Ministry of Public Works. The eight contracts handed over included the continuation of the renovation work on the dilapidated access road Cane Grove, East Bank Demerara, in order to improve the accessibility for the local residents.

Work on this project will be completed in phases; the first and fourth phases represent the scarification of the highway, which requires the application of crushing aggregates and asphalt concrete, while the second and third phases include the complete reconstruction of the roadway, which involves the laying of geographic mesh on the subsoil, white sand / sand- Clay, crushing aggregates and asphalt concrete.

Phases one and three were completed by Colin Talbot Construction and the remaining phases are now being completed by Avinash Contracting and Scrap Metal Inc for a volume of US $ 117 million.

The contract for Corentyne All-Weather Road No. 58 to Canje Creek was also awarded to Guyamerica Construction Inc. with a value of 640 million US dollars.

Work will also begin on Corentyne All-Access Road No. 52, with the $ 239 million contract awarded to Associated Construction Services. Both projects, said Public Works Minister Juan Edghill, are designed to develop more than 60,000 hectares of new land, as both are located in agriculture-dependent communities.

“Our intention is to speed up the work and although it is late in the year we have to do this work from day one,” said Minister Edghill.

He also indicated that the required studies for both projects have already been completed. Construction of the Moleson Creek – El Dorado road in Region Six was also on the list of contracts awarded. This contract was awarded to Shffeeullah Sawmill for $ 151 million.

Edghill emphasized the importance of completing this project as it will provide farmers in the community with better road access as well as access to the line of the proposed Corentyne River Bridge.

Edghill stated that the road would be built of laterite – a soil and rock rich in iron and aluminum – and be 7.2 meters thick.

The Minister of Public Works also strongly warned contractors to mobilize the works immediately. He reminded contractors that they won the contracts through a competitive bidding process and should be ready to provide quality work to the communities where they will be deployed.

He also stated that the unmarked quantity list should be presented to the Democratic Neighborhood Councils (NDC) for public inspection. This ensures more transparency and that the citizens are worth their money.

See the full list of contracts below:

No. Project contractor Contract amount (GY $)
1. Lot 89-Rehabilitation / Construction of Cane Grove – Phase 3 (Region 4) Avinash Contracting & Scrap Metal Inc. $ 117,447,275
2. Lot 90- Construction of the village road No. 58, Corentyne Berbice, (Region 6) Guyamerica Construction Inc. $ 640,713,500
3. Lot 91 – road construction, No. 52 Corentyne Berbice village,

(Region 6)

Associated Construction Inc. $ 239,732,000
4th Lot 96 – maintenance of the Mara Access Road, EBB, (Region 6) (A) Shaffeeullah sawmill $ 34,840,890
5. Lot 97- maintenance of the Mara Access Road, EBB, (Region 6) (B) Kascon engineering services $ 27,919,000
6th Construction from Moleson Creek to El Dorado Road, (Region 6) Shaffeeullah sawmill $ 151,227,000
7th Lot 13- rehabilitation of the road from Itabali to Puruni (phase 2 – Itabali to Takatu) (region 7) RIM Construction Inc. $ 176,615,040
8th. Lot 14- Rehabilitation of Bartica Potaro Road (Mile 6-19) (Region 7) Adamatium stocks $ 77,311,641

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