Owensboro City Commission Overview | news

At its meeting on Tuesday at City Hall, the Owensboro City Commission took the following actions:

• Revealed the City Christmas Card created by Aaron Kizer.

• Heard a presentation on West Kentucky Brewery Hop from Dave Kirk of Visit Owensboro.

• Approved the minutes of the November 2nd meeting and the November 9th city work meeting.

• Appointment of Police Chief Art Ealum to the Police and Fire Service Pension Fund and Charles Hayden to the Police and Fire Service Pension Committee. Both have a one-year term starting January 1.

• Appointment of urban engineer Kevin Collignon to the GRADD regional transport committee.

• Appointment of Jonathan Paton to the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

• Appointment of OPD Major JD Winkler to the Owensboro Area Shelter and Information Services Board.

• Approved an ordinance to grow 43,988 acres at 5369 Old Hartford Road into town at the request of Deer Valley Subdivision LLC.

Tips for recognizing employees "untyped work" and increased salary

• First reading of an ordinance revising the City Workers Manual, Chapter 1000, Sub-Chapter 1004 – Salary Tables to determine the position of customer service representative and the remuneration of city employees and unelected city officials in accordance with a staffing and salary grading plan under KRS 83A.070.

• First reading of an ordinance amending the budget for 2021-22 in order to obtain a third round of CARES funding from the federal government; to obtain and provide funding for the Christmas lights in the city center; Fund the transition from three part-time customer service representative positions to one full-time customer service representative position; Obtaining funding and building three tennis courts and buying a polar camera from state drug funds.

• Approved a municipal order to execute an agreement between the city and Deer Valley Subdivision LLC for the amicable annexation of 43,988 acres at 5369 Old Hartford Road, stipulating that the city of Deer Valley Subdivision should pay 100% of its total value tax (excluding School.) Should reimburse taxes), net income taxes and general professions finance income from the property over set five-year periods.

• Approved the city’s financial report for the period ended October 31.

• Sarah D. Henry promoted to full-time probationary garbage truck driver in the public works department.

• Appointment of Samuel W. Bodine as regular, full-time, non-civilian Greens Superintendent of the Parks Department.

• Appointment of Caleb J. Gray as regular full-time plumbing manager for the non-civil service of the Public Works Department.

• Appointment of Ryan K. Morton as a regular full-time bus driver without community service with the Public Works Authority.

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