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Iceland, one of the largest supermarkets in the country, offers a discount system to shoppers over 60 years of age. Customers who are about to reach statutory retirement age receive a 10 percent discount on their purchase invoice. Launched in May 2022, this program applies to over 60s shopping in Iceland on Tuesdays.

To receive this discount, retirees must prove their age to qualify for this grocery bill assistance.

Those who are eligible must provide proof of age, which may include a driver’s license, bus pass, rail card, or Freedom Pass.

The 10% discount applies to any product in Iceland or in The Food Warehouse stores.

Eligible customers must present this proof of age at checkout in order for the discount to be added to their bill.

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In addition, Iceland has announced a wave of further support to help its clients reach retirement age.

This includes a £30 voucher for pensioners to use towards their grocery bill and other essentials. This is available until September 16th.

Iceland recently launched an interest-free loan scheme offering microloans of between £25 and £100 to families in need.

This support is available to anyone who wants additional financial support for their grocery bills, which have increased on average due to inflation.


Those who are successful with their application will see funds loaded onto a card that can be used in any store or online.

The money can be repaid at a later date without households having to worry about how much interest is attached to the loan.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Iceland’s chief executive Richard Walker spoke about how the supermarket is supporting its customers as the cost of living rises.

Mr Walker said: “For every person that uses a food bank, eight people are not hungry, so it’s also about accessing food banks.

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“This is not the solution to the cost of living crisis, but hopefully an option. We probably didn’t make that decision.

“We started researching the microcredit market in 2020 and then we found Fair for You, who are actually the credit provider.

“They are a not-for-profit charity supported by the government and I feel very comfortable because we have been testing (the scheme) for 18 months in the poorest communities in the UK.

“The use of blackboards has decreased by 90 percent. People are over 70 percent less likely to default on essentials like rent and council taxes.

“People eat better. Their credit scores have improved, as has their mental health. I think it’s a really positive process.

“If they cannot pay back, they will be helped. You will not be hassled. The debt will not be resold to third party collectors.”

Iceland’s latest price cuts come against a backdrop of 10.1 per cent inflation in the UK, leading to rising grocery bills.

Experts assume that the inflation rate could rise further to 13 percent in the coming months.

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