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It is important that people maximize the amount of pension they can receive to cover their cost of living in retirement and take advantage of any additional income offers. The state pension over 80 is one possible way to increase the weekly income of retirees.

What is the over 80 state pension?

The over 80-year pension is, as it says on the tin, a state pension for people aged 80 and over.

To be eligible, people must either be on a Basic State Pension of less than £ 82.45 per week or no Basic State Pension at all. The state pension over 80 is an addition to the statutory basic pension and is not for people receiving the new state pension.

How Much Can People Get?

What people get depends on how much basic state pension they may already be receiving. Those who do not receive a basic state pension or have less than £ 82.45 per week can have the difference paid out up to this amount.

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You are 80 or older

They are not receiving a Basic State Pension or their Basic State Pension is less than £ 82.45 per week from 2021 to 2022

You have lived in the UK for at least 10 out of 20 years (this does not have to be 10 consecutive years). This 20-year period must include the day before or every day after your 80th birthday

They were “Ordinarily Resident” in the UK, Isle of Man or Gibraltar on their 80th birthday or the day they applied for a pension if they do so later.

People should be aware that the pension over 80 is considered taxable income and therefore may affect other benefits they receive. Therefore, anyone who uses other income-related benefits must count the pension over 80 as income.

It is important that applicants contact the entity responsible for their payments if their circumstances change as this could affect their eligibility.

Changes in circumstances may include moving, changing bank accounts, entering (or leaving) a hospital or healthcare funded nursing home, or leaving the UK to live abroad or for an extended period of time.

Changes in the situation should be reported to the pension service, which can also be called by anyone who has questions about pensions over 80 years of age. The telephone number of the pension service is 0800 731 0469.

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