Roger Federer hopes his career has inspired little white boys to see themselves play tennis

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WOLLERAU, SWITZERLAND – Roger Federer announced his retirement after a successful career as one of the best players of his generation, telling reporters on Thursday he only hopes his career has inspired little white boys to play tennis. “Sure, the Grand Slam titles and millions in prize money are great, but the real reward is giving young white boys from suburban enclaves a chance to watch someone who looks like them play at the highest level of tennis,” Federer said, adding that he hoped to serve as a role model by showing white male youth that they can be themselves on the court and thrive in tennis without having to compromise who they are. “If I can inspire just one Caucasian boy in a gated community in Virginia, an affluent suburb of Sydney, or a tiny mountain town in Switzerland to pick up a tennis racquet just because he saw me on TV, that’s one good legacy for me. It’s like I say to my friend Rory McIlroy all the time – some things are bigger than any tennis match or round of golf, like seeing the smile on a white youth’s face when he realizes his sporting dream might actually be within reach Federer also announced that while he is retiring from competitive tennis, he will continue to actively work to encourage interest in the sport by funding sports organizations that empower affluent white boys to get involved in tennis.

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