SC denies urgent listing of plea accused by Sulli Deals app


New Delhi, February 18 (IANS) The Supreme Court on Friday declined to consider a plea for the urgent listing of petitions seeking the clubbing of various FIRs across the country over crimes related to the Sulli Deal of the Day app, which has numerous Muslim Women were brought for “sale”. .

Attorney Sahil Bhaliak mentioned the pleading to a bank headed by Chief Justice NV Ramana, stating that multiple FIRs had been filed against his client and asking for an urgent listing of the pleading. “It’s covered by the judgment of TT Anthony,” he said.

The Chief Justice then said: “If you have committed a crime, you must deal with it.

Defendant Aumkareshwar Thakur’s plea plea, filed Jan. 24, prayed for beating various FIRs filed across the country for offenses related to the app. The petitioner is charged in 3 FIRs registered in New Delhi, Noida and Mumbai.

The app caused a major uproar last year for targeting Muslim women and uploading their images without their consent. The “Bulli Bai” case appears to be a clone of the “Sulli Deals” app.

The Complaint states: “The relief sought in the present Complaint relates to the judgment of this court in TT Antony v. the State of Kerala for setting aside all the same or similar FIRs except the first one and allowing a single investigation to proceed with it will. Alternatively, the petitioner prays for the clubbing of all subsequent FIRs with the first FIR registered at PS Special Cell, Delhi.”

The plea alleges that the successive registrations of FIRs in Delhi, UP and Maharashtra fall outside the scope of Sections 154 and 156 of the CrPC and is a case which constitutes an abuse of statutory investigative powers by various investigative agencies.

The first FIR was registered on July 7, 2021 by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police under Section 354-A(3) of the IPC, including alleging that Github, a hosting platform, had the portal called “Sulli Deal of” created of the day’ on their platform and that they have uploaded hundreds of images of women to their platform without their consent.

“The petitioner was interrogated by the IO in connection with the FIR registered in PS Sector 23 Noida, UP while he was in the custody of Delhi Police in connection with FIR No.1. Noida Police failed to provide a copy of the FIR. Following the subsequent grant of judicial detention, the petitioner was taken into custody by the Mumbai police and is currently in their custody,” the pleading added.

According to Delhi Police, Neeraj Bishnoi, who was arrested in connection with the Bulli Bai portal, has revealed the petitioner’s name and claims that he is behind the establishment of the Sulli Deal of the Day portal. Thakur was arrested at his home in Indore on January 8 this year.

Police have claimed that Thakur joined a group on Twitter called Tradmahasabha using the handle @gangescion in January 2020 and the members discussed trolling of Muslim women. He had developed the application on Github.

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