Start of construction for 14 new senior citizens’ apartments in Melrose


Start of construction for 14 new senior citizens’ apartments in Melrose

Melrose-based developer Rural Renaissance Limited (RRL), with the support of Bank of Scotland.

RRL is the parent company of JS Crawford contracts, a fourth generation family house building and construction company that has been building high-quality apartments within the borders for more than 75 years.

The company has grown significantly over the past few years and has annual sales of £ 7 million. The company is one of the largest property developers in the Scottish Borders and has locations in Melrose, Kelso and Galashiels.

RRL recently started construction of 14 apartments off Waverley Road near central Melrose. The four-story complex will have a mixture of two- and three-room apartments and will be built in conjunction with a new fitness and wellness area behind the complex for new home owners.

In support of the project, RRL received a six-figure development finance package from the Bank of Scotland. Once construction has started, the company expects the apartments to be completed by Christmas 2022.

To support the project, the company created 40 jobs and one apprenticeship position.

Michael Crawford, General Manager at Rural Renaissance Limited, said: “While Rural Renaissance has been building apartments in the Borders since 2010, the new Westgrove project will be our first project aimed at retirees.

“The Bank of Scotland has given massive help to get this project off the ground. The financial support gave us the opportunity to advance construction and create many new jobs for the local people.

“As a Borders company, we have a passion for the region. Our calculations show that the new development, in addition to providing suitable housing for everyone, will bring an economic boost to the city with investments of around 1.5 million pounds in the area. “

Douglas Spowart, Relationship Director at Bank of Scotland, added: “With the number of people over 65 in Scotland expected to rise to around 1.3 million over the next 10 years, the demand for retirement homes is likely to continue to grow.

“Rural Renaissance’s decision to expand into this sector is therefore timely and we are proud to have supported the company on its first retirement project in the Scottish Borders.

“The new Melrose development is another example of the incredible innovation shown by companies across the country. As we seek to move beyond recovery towards growth, we will continue to support Scottish companies as they innovate and explore new opportunities. “

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