Steve Houchin looks at his career as an entrepreneur and his impact on people’s retirement plans

Financial security is one of the most coveted goals that people work towards, but often fail to achieve due to limited resources or reluctance to invest more work. One of the factors that can be attributed to their seemingly never-ending striving is that many of these people work nine-to-five jobs. Steve Houchin recognized this problem and made it his mission to help people who want more out of life and want to break out of the nine-to-five hat race.

Steve Houchin is a 27-year-old entrepreneur working as Client Relations Director for an Amazon dropshipping automation company and an Amazon FBA automation and wholesale business. He also runs an insurance-based business, working with many insurance companies in the United States. In this way, it can help people set up decent retirement accounts that can fight inflation and provide tax-free financing for large investments or purchases by taking advantage of life insurance policy loopholes.

As Client Relations Director for EcomKingz and KZInternational, Steve automates the Amazon dropshipping and Amazon FBA wholesale business. The client does minimal upfront work and instead funds the store so Steve’s team can do the heavy lifting, including packaging, prep, shipping, research and customer service to name a few.

“I help improve people’s creditworthiness and cash flow to provide another source of income through an Amazon-based business,” explained Steve. “In the insurance business, I help people to organize their retirement properly and finance investments and future projects.”

Rather than taking large commissions for themselves from setting up life insurance plans, Steve Houchin does things right by helping them optimize their investment and pension fund financing. He gives his clients a free consultation call to finalize the details for retirement, plan benefits, and where to allocate money to increase cash flow and put more income in their pockets.

“Even if they don’t buy a plan, they can still walk out of the meeting knowing more about what to consider for a decent retirement,” he said.

Steve’s determination to pursue a career in entrepreneurship came from his background of growing up in a military family. Struggling with limited money, they moved every three years and scraped just to make ends meet. However, Steve recognized the freedom that can be gained through entrepreneurship and building businesses and decided to delve into his career. He knew that if done right, he could help not only himself but others to do the same.

“I’ve seen relationships destroyed because of money restrictions, time restrictions and location restrictions,” he explained. “It’s something I would never wish on others, especially in retirement. That’s why I’ve teamed up with EcomKingz and KZ International to offer the best possible automation service to get people out of these situations. I saw automation as a way for people to use credit for travel and liquidate credit at a profit to line their own pockets.”

Despite achieving his goals, Steve Houchin still believes there is still work to be done. He hopes to continue his efforts, albeit on a larger scale. The entrepreneur assumes that both automation companies will have more than twice the current branches under management. Additionally, in five years Steve hopes to have helped at least 1,000 individuals or families through his insurance company and hopes to continue to grow it with at least 100 employees across multiple states.

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