TASB: Legislators postpone the law to fund the 13th check for retired educators on TRS passed


Texas Association of School Boards September 3, 2021 report

SB 7, Other Public Education-Related Bill to be sent to the Governor’s desk

The Texas Legislature adjourned the sine die Thursday evening after passing a law that restored funding to the legislature and funding the 13th.

Here are public education-related bills directed to the governor’s desk:

SB 3 (Hughes)
calls on the Education Officer to develop a citizenship training program for teachers and administrators; Identifies items the State Board of Education must include in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills relating to Citizenship; and lists some things that teachers cannot be forced to do and that schools or teachers cannot include in social science teaching. Continue reading.

SB 7 (Huffmann) provides for an additional examination for retired educators in the teacher pension system. Payment must be made to the landlord prior to January 2022, equal to the gross amount of the recurring annuity payment otherwise eligible or $ 2,400 to the landlord.

SB 9 (Huffmann) Requires public schools to provide instructions and materials on preventing child abuse, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and dating violence at least once in middle school and at least once in high school. Districts would also need to change their dating violence policies to include a clear statement that school date violence will not be tolerated, reporting procedures and guidelines for students who are victims of date violence, and instructions to prevent violence on dates. Districts should develop procedures to immediately notify parents of students suspected of being victims or perpetrators of dating violence.

SB 15 (Taylor) allows schools to create their own virtual classroom programs for students living in their district / charter attendance zones as long as the district or charter achieved at least a C in the state accountability system in the previous year or the last time a rating was assigned. Students who spent more than 50 percent of their time in virtual courses in the past year must have passed their STAAR exam, have achieved a C or higher in core subjects, and have no unexcused absences of more than 10 percent of the year. Continue reading.

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