The best New Years Eve 2021 food deals from M&S, Tesco, Asda and more

The New Year is just around the corner and with everyone in England being urged to celebrate “carefully and sensibly” you can decide that there is nowhere to go but see home in 2022.

Plan B measures continue to apply, i.e. Covid passes for access to nightclubs and major events, mask requirements in shops and public transport, and working from home if possible.

So if you choose to stay on New Years Eve instead of going out and being at risk of Covid, you are likely planning what to eat.

And if you’re not in the mood for take-out, a supermarket specialty meal may be the answer.

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We’ve rounded up some of the best dine-in-meal deals supermarkets are having for New Years Eve 2021.

From M&S to Morrisons, here are some of the best food and drink options for a cozy night on the big day. Happy New Year!

The M&S New Year’s Eve Dine-In offer includes options such as the “Ultimate Lasagne”, Pantofola from the stone oven, Prosecco Conte Priuli and mini Black Forest cake

Marks and Spencer

M&S is again offering its New Year’s Dine-In offer. The popular food offer serves two people.

Choose from a main course, a side dish, starter or dessert, plus a bottle of wine or soda or a box of chocolates for just £ 20.

Main courses include beef lasagna, rump or sirloin steaks, chicken in red wine, steak pie, roasted eggplant and vegan potato and onion pie.

There are also various side dishes, starters, desserts, wine and chocolates. We encourage you to come to your nearest store as early as possible so that your options are not restricted.

Check out all of the New Years Eve dine-in menu options here

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The UK’s largest supermarket is offering its Tesco Finest Dinner for Two.

A main course, side dish, dessert and drink are only £ 10 when you have a Tesco Clubcard. That’s half the cost of the M&S deal.

Main courses include beef lasagna, pesto, and parmigiano-breaded chicken, as well as chicken in prosecco sauce.

See all menu options for the Tesco Finest Dinner for Two here. Home delivery time is running out, so hurry to your next store.

There are also a number of other Tesco New Years specials for food and drink.

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Asda is offering its Extra Special Meal For 2 for £ 10, which includes a main course, a side dish, a dessert and a drink or chocolates.

The main offers of the promotion include sirloin steaks, lamb shanks, chicken breasts wrapped in pancetta, steak and red wine pies or cottage pie.

Check out all of the Asda options here.


Sainsbury’s has a number of dine-in offers, although there are no meal packages that allow you to add side dishes, drinks, and desserts in one purchase.

Check out all of Sainsbury’s New Year’s food deals here.


Morrisons doesn’t seem to be offering their usual Dine In for Two deal, but they do have a variety of New Years Eve party food on offer.

These include buy three and get the cheapest for free and buy two for £ 3, 5, or 7. So you can easily put together a delicious dine-in yourself.


Waitrose has no food offer this year, but there are plenty of offers for party meals, drinks, simple meals and desserts.

This includes three main courses for £ 10. See what they have here.

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