The Collector issues an order terminating the job assistant’s contract services for violating the Model Act

Guna (Madhya Pradesh): District Collector Frank Noble has issued orders terminating the employment contract of a labor assistant hired here in Kakrua Gram Panchayat under Aron Janpad of Guna District for violating the code of conduct.

After further details, Shivbhan Singh Yadav, Labor Assistant, released a video focused on campaigning against an alleged Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violation during the Panchayat election. According to the viral video, Singh was spotted distributing election-related campaign materials. He also accepted the same in writing and further said that the brother was applying for the post of Sarpanch in Kakrua Village.

As a result, the chief executive officer assigned Yadav to Janpad Panchayat Aaron in terms of fairness and impartiality in elections. According to the order issued by the district collector and the district returning officer, the contract services of the deputy employment officers stationed in Kakrua Village have been terminated. However, Singh had 30 days to appeal the first appeal to the Divisional Commissioner. A model code of conduct has been introduced in view of the three tiers of the 2022 panchayat elections.

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