“This is a great win”: Union overwhelmingly approves the new contract in Mondelez bakeries, including the one in Henrico | Business news



Darlene Carpenter, business agent for the local union, was walking with workers as they demonstrated outside Mondelez Bakery on Laburnum Avenue in east Henrico County in August.


The strike against Mondelez International Inc.’s bakeries, including one in eastern Henrico County, has ended.

The union members voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new four-year collective agreement, the International Union of Bakeries, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grains announced on Saturday afternoon.

A preliminary agreement was reached late Tuesday evening between the union and Mondelez, one of the largest snack companies in the world. The votes were held on Thursday and Friday and the votes were counted on Saturday.

“I’m thrilled,” said Darlene Carpenter, business agent for Local 358. “It’s a huge win. We were like David defeating Goliath because people stood up for their beliefs.”

The ratification ends a strike of more than 1,000 workers that began at different times in different plants last month. More than 400 workers at the Laburnum Avenue plant went on strike on August 16.

Workers should return to their jobs in the next few days, Carpenter said. “We are waiting for the call from HR.”

The contract applies to union workers at six Mondelez locations – bakery operations in Henrico, Portland, Oregon, and Chicago, and three distribution centers.

The workers went on strike to get higher wages, better benefits and better working conditions.


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