Toronto Maple Leafs News and Chat: Leafs Best Boxing Day Deals

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Today is Boxing Day, a day whose origins began when King Bargain Harold came down from his castle and stood on the bi-way, throwing high bikes at the crowds that gathered, and corn was half the price. What days they were!

Today we celebrate King Harold’s generosity by searching for bargains on electronics and fashion from last season.

The Maple Leafs have been some bargain hunters in the free agency too, so instead of news, let’s take a quick look at some of the cheaper Leafs and how they’ve performed. It can be brief because I have some online shopping to do.

The Veterans: Wayne Simmonds & Jason Spezza

Cap hits: $ 900,000 & & 750,000
Points: 10 (4G, 6A) & 11 (7G, 4A)

While none of these players shed light on the score list, they offer real added value on and off the ice. On less than a million dollars, these guys give a point every third game on the fourth row, which is good for the fourth row.

Wayne Simmonds is a hometown boy who wants to win with the Maple Leafs. When the Leafs got into some early season funk, it was said on the street that he had “motivated” the team (screamed loudly) and things turned around.

Jason Spezza said he would rather retire than play elsewhere. He signed for the league minimum with no bonuses. He saw Rasmus Sandin get hurt, no appeal for the piece, and went to give a lesson to the young punk who had – sorry young piunk – a lesson. He’s a real leader for this team, someone who is here to end his career and did so with a parade through Yonge St.

Both players are great teachers for this team, players who have done almost anything but win a Stanley Cup, and damn, they will.

The comeback kid: Ondřej Kaše

Cap hit: $ 1.25 million
Points: 15 (8G, 7A)

OndÅ™ej KaÅ¡e is just above the veterans in terms of scoring to recover from the last two seasons in which he has played a total of nine games. This year he has tripled the total number of games played and is nearing his best season in terms of scoring. In 2017-18 he scored 38 points in 66 games for 0.58PPG, and now he has 15 points in 27 games or 0.56PPG. He’s also teamed up with his best buddy David Kämpf and they both enjoy being together again.

The hometown newbie: Michael Bunting

Cap Hit: $ 950k
Points: 19 (7G, 12A)

When Butning signed, everyone was looking forward to him. Me? I wondered who he was. Well now I know Someone who is still considered a Calder Trophy rookie and excited to be a Maple Leafs was paired with Auston Matthews and enjoyed the opportunity. He has already exceeded his career totals in games (30) and points (19) this year than in two years with the Arizona Coyotes.

With these four players on, the Maple Leafs really have some of the best bargains in the league, and some lesser-known players and veterans are enjoying their favorite seasons of their careers.

Hopefully Dubas can continue this type of shopping and bargain hunting during this trading deadline and into the off-season.

Enjoy your day folks and I hope you find a good deal.

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