Tri-Cities homes are selling faster than last year, brokers are giving buying tips


KENNEWICK, Wash. – One day they’re for sale, the next day they’re sold; Tri-Cities real estate experts said the pandemic was to blame.

“The thing about the whole pandemic and the living people – being locked up at home; Suddenly they want a bigger house, they want a smaller house, they want space for the children, to teach the children at home; All of these things created a demand that we really didn’t expect, ”said Jeff Thompson of Winderemere Group One in Tri-Cities.

Cheaper homes in the Tri-Cities are selling fast, said Thompson, the managing partner, but he doesn’t think it’s an inventory problem.

“I think we have a market problem for days; Homes are selling fast, half of the homes are sold in four days this year, ”Thompson said.

Jeff and colleague Rachel Robertson said that the hot market shouldn’t stop you from buying.

“The good news is that we bring an average of 13 new homes to market every day. The prices are good, the inventory is out there, but you just have to be ready to go, ”Thompson said.

Robertson, a broker, said it was perfectly possible to be a first-time buyer in a seller’s market, but you need to get approval and find a good broker first.

“It’s also important that your broker help you get your ducks in a row,” Rachel said.

Roberton added your agent should be proactive and send you homes that suit your needs. She said it was also a good idea to look at deals that are under your budget.

“Your agent should also call the other agent and ask that agent what the sellers want?” She said.

That way, when you make an offer, it’s the best.

“In this market, the asking price is more of a starting price and it could easily escalate depending on the price range of the house, the quality of the house, and the number of offers on offer,” Robertson said that you should avoid any eventualities in your listing such as house guarantees or the Asking the seller to pay the closing costs.

Rachel said buyers should also look into new homes and make sure your lender can play around with your options when financing. You and Thompson encourage finding a lender who has multiple local connections and communicates well with agents.

There is also an option to remodel a home if you find a home that needs some work in an area you love. there are renovation loans.

Both Thompson and Robertson agree that you need to be patient and a bit of courage in this market, but getting the keys to your house is well worth the work.

“I love seeing the shoppers express their joy and okay, all of this struggle, all of this stress was worth it,” Rachel said. They try to keep the process stress free, but sometimes stress is inevitable.

Thompson added, If you are looking to sell your home, now is a good time.

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