We can’t let Congress cut Medicare Advantage

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As we all celebrate Christmas time and look forward to a new year, there is a lot we can be thankful for.

As a retiree in one of the most sparsely populated and rural areas in the Commonwealth, healthcare is high on my thank you list.

The Medicare Advantage plan has enabled me to keep my favorite medics since retirement and I am very happy with the zero monthly cost of the plan. For most of us rural residents with very limited access to nearby medical facilities, the phone and internet access to health care providers offered by the program can literally be lifesaving.

Medicare Advantage is an amazing program that has the rarest qualities these days, namely bipartisan support in Congress. Finding something that elected officials on both sides of the aisle can agree on can be difficult, but Medicare Advantage is so effective at providing the advertised services that there really is no question why Democrats and Republicans alike would support the program.

Despite the great success of Medicare Advantage, some members of Congress are still debating funding cuts for the program. These last-minute promotions at the end of the year should not be carried out in a rush.

Should Medicare Advantage face funding cuts, nearly 30,000 seniors here in Virginia could see their coverage threatened. As a beneficiary of Medicare Advantage and the knowledge of others who depend on this program; Seniors who rely on the low deductibles and reduced fees of Medicare Advantage plans are not equipped for premium increases or additional costs.

Tate Dunn lives in Monterey.

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