Week 6 – Newton Daily News

By Jon Dunwell

This week, the House of Representatives passed legislation cutting taxes for every Iowan. With historic inflation affecting everyone from our waiters and waitresses to our teachers and first responders, the House has taken historic action to secure tax breaks for Iowans. Our plan…

• Reduces individual income tax for all Iowans to a flat 4% tax

• Exempts retirement income from state income taxes

• Includes a new income exemption for retired farmers

With healthy government finances, strong bottom lines, and our taxpayer relief fund in excess of $1 billion, it’s time we gave taxpayers their money back so they can invest in our local communities. And as we continue to evolve, our continued financial responsibility with conservative growth projections will not only allow us to fund Iowan’s priorities, but also make Iowa a more competitive and attractive place to live, work, raise a family, start a business and more make retire.

At this point in the session, three bills have passed through the House.

1. The Renewable Fuels Act

2. School Funding 2023 – Increase by 2.5 percent

3. The abolition of retirement income and the 4 percent flat tax bill

Next week the character of the session will change, with more time devoted to debate in Parliament and less time in committee. As we move into this next phase, your support in building my positions and voting will be vital. I thoroughly enjoyed the two listening sessions last week and look forward to holding another one via Zoom this week on Thursday at 7pm. Visit www.jondunwell.com/events for more information.

We have a number of bills. I would appreciate your opinion. Here are a few and you probably have a few more.

• The Governor’s School Curriculum Transparency Bill – HSB 706

• Draft Law on the Protection of Women’s Sports – HF 2416

• The Medical Privacy and Protection of Individual Liberties Act – HSB 647

• The bottle deposit bill – HSB 709

• Torts Reform and Unemployment Insurance Bill – HF 2279

• Budget for FY2023 – $8,273,826,319 – 1.8% increase

• Welfare Reform – HSB 706

• Freedom of Religion – HSB 677

• License as a midwife – HF 2291

• Protection of Iowa Land from Chinese Property – HF 2311

These are just a few of the bills we will examine in this session. I look forward to your comments on this and any other bill.

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