What would a genuine opposition party of the people do?

Image by Teemu Paananen.

We are currently at the mercy of a cabal of self-righteous Christian zealots that hold the US Supreme Court and Congress 6-3, thanks to a mysterious structure designed by slave-owning wealthy men who passed power to a Senate-dominated Senate by rich provincials and their party of Christian fascists and ordinary fascists.

If the US were a true democracy, there would be a brave left-wing popular party opposing this grotesque situation. Instead, we have the Democratic Party, a collection of wealthy, campaign-hungry, cowardly, and complacent professional politicians willing to compromise any principle in order to remain in office and serve those who are willing to pay most to support them.

How else to explain not only the continued support of the Democrats for candidates and hacker politicians who are seeking re-election who have no interest in doing what the public wants (cancellation of student debt, access to abortions and contraceptives, free government-funded health care for all). , a much smaller and non-intrusive military, real action on climate change, more funding for public schools, more generous Social Security, a livable minimum wage, etc. etc.

So let’s imagine what a real people’s party and its elected officials and presidents would do. Here is my list:

1: Immediately cancel all student debt and make public colleges fee-free as intended. (What’s to lose? Tens of millions of people of all ages living in debt bondage would immediately become enthusiastic voters for the party that freed them, even if, and perhaps even if, the measure had to be defended in court.)

2: Increase the tax rate for the wealthy with the 90% cap on all income over $1 million. And do it in a way meaningful enough that all Americans earning less than $200,000 for a family will see a significant tax cut as a result, while immediately raising the federal minimum wage to $20 an hour — we’ve talked about $15 for such a long inflation has left that number in the dust! — and tie it to annual CPI growth going forward. (Virtually all ordinary Americans want these things done!)

3. Tax all income, including capital gains, for payroll tax that funds Social Security and do not tax Social Security benefits for individuals earning less than $100,000 total per year. Also, don’t increase the tax on individuals above the current already high 6.2%. Raise it on the employer, say to 8.2% of payroll, and stop the nonsense that a 50/50 split of this tax is the norm. At the same time, increase Social Security benefits for the lowest-income retirees so that no one gets so few benefits that they fall below the poverty line. (Again, almost all Americans support this.)

4. After the fraudulent annulment of Roe v. Wade through the Supreme Court immediately declare a national emergency and open federal health and abortion clinics in federal buildings of every state that is seeking or has already passed laws prohibiting abortion in their borders. Meanwhile, low-income women who do not want an abortion provide government-funded antenatal care and housing when a home is needed, free midwifery and childbirth services, and childcare, housing and nutritional support for the first five years of life, for the anti-abortion community – Zealots should be called hypocrites if they resist. (54% of Americans oppose the Supreme Court’s lawsuit banning abortion, and another 4% are undecided. Only 40% support it.)

Follow the initiation of impeachment proceedings against the last three sitting Supreme Court Justices, all guilty of lying under oath at their Senate hearings that Roe v. Wade is “just right” an impeachment judge Clarence Thomas for voting on cases in which his wife has an interest. Failing that, add four more judges to the court – and appoint them immediately. (The Supreme Court is widely detested today. This idea should be popular.)

5. Release all prison inmates who are locked in while awaiting trial because they cannot pay cash bail. Free all convicted prisoners over 60 years old. Period, and end all life sentences and solitary confinement. (Some people might object to this idea, but what we’re doing now, locking people up until they die in the US, doesn’t work, and that suggestion will prove to be the right thing to do pretty quickly when old inmates return to their families, return not return to crime, and the cost of our massive prison system is going down.)

6. Cut the military budget by 50 percent and require the Pentagon to provide thorough line-by-line justification for the amount requested for each line in its proposed budget for next year. (Most people know that the Pentagon is a giant money-wasting machine that sucks up half of the income taxes it collects every year and doesn’t make the country safe or even win wars – but makes the US hated worldwide.)

7. Open the books on CIA, NSA, DIA, Fusion Centers, Joint Terrorism Strike Force and other intelligence organizations and end all surveillance and spying on the American public. (No democratic government can have secret budgets and survive.)

8. End federal subsidies to all energy companies and instead provide federal subsidies to individuals to install solar and wind power generation systems and underground heat pumps. (Everyone sees energy companies pump up prices to make record profits. Why on earth are we subsidizing them when they’re fueling our path to climate Armageddon?)

9. End federally-subsidized flood insurance for all properties in regions affected by climate change flooding, and replace relocation assistance funding only for those who plan to relocate to higher elevation, drier areas. (Inland taxpayers should not compensate individuals for residing on low-lying oceanfront lots that are designed to go under water in a short time. (On Hawaii’s Big Island, people who buy real estate and build a home or Buying an existing home on the slopes of Mt. Kilauea, the island’s active volcano, are warned that there will be no effort to rescue them and no insurance to compensate them if the lava erupts and over their home running. It should be the same when the sea rises.)

10. Charge the federal government — in the form of officials, not political appointees — with all elections, and mandate simple mail-in and online votes, as well as votes in person, with a paper receipt issued for each vote. shows how each voter voted. Elections should never be the responsibility of a party in power or an elected official such as a foreign minister. (Obviously someone who has to face the voters is far more likely to campaign for elections than workers who simply work for the state for a salary, regardless of which party is in power. Even a MAGA-wearing one should be Mouth breathers see reality.

11. Declare a national education emergency and provide federal assistance to hire additional teachers in every school district where elementary classes have more than 25 students. Also provide federal funding for preschool childcare, which would undoubtedly be the best employment program the government could offer. (Another no-brainer that should be hugely popular.)

12. Provide federal funding for free transit in every city and a subsidy for intercity rail travel to make it affordable for all. (If cities in Europe can do this with their much more expensive and modern mass transit systems, so can we with our much smaller systems.)

13. End corporate profit outsourcing and other tax evasion. If companies want to sell their products in the US, they must either manufacture them here or tax the profits they make from manufacturing them abroad. Foreign taxes paid by corporations should not be deductible when calculating the domestic income taxes due. (Again, almost nobody but corporations and big financial investors would support this.)

14. Eligible for Medicare for everyone of all ages, and promptly expand Medicare to cover Parts B and D for everyone. Eliminate Medicaid and end the covert Medicare privatization program misleadingly named Medicare Advantage. (Because everyone would depend on government health care, companies would no longer have to offer private insurance to which workers normally contribute premiums and have to pay co-payments, so there would be both immediate savings for workers and companies, and good reasons for workers to demand raises or form a union if the employer does not.)

15. Ban high-speed computerized trading and tax all short-term trading on both the buy and sell sides at 1 percent of each trade. (Since this action would raise tremendous amounts of money to support the above proposals, and most Americans, if they own any stocks at all, are buy-and-hold investors, and mostly own their stocks in tax-deferred retirement funds anyway, they wouldn’t be at all affected .)

This is just a start, and some of these measures would certainly be challenged in court, but these steps would show the willingness of a genuine people’s party to govern in our interests and not in the interests of the donors – companies and individuals.

And yet none of these 15 ideas are proposed, let alone implemented or promoted by the Democratic Party or even by more than a handful of its elected politicians. Why? Because the Democratic Party is not a people’s party. It’s a party by, by and for the rich, masquerading as the party of the common people.

I encourage readers to send in other good suggestions for a real People’s Democratic Party wish list.

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