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The Bank of England will decide this Thursday (November 4th) whether to raise its base rate from its current record low of 0.1%. And as expectations rise that the interest rate will rise (driven by factors like rising inflation and a relatively stable labor market), many new mortgage deals have already priced in the rise – indicating an end to the lows for mortgages over the past few months .

Because mortgage rates change – often on a daily basis – it can be difficult to keep up with the supply available. An easy way to stay up to date is to use our mortgage tables. These are operated by Trussle – a trusted mortgage broker and our mortgage partner.

What are the mortgage rates today?

In order to find out which offers are available for the type of mortgage you require at today’s rates, you need to enter your personal criteria in the table below. Here’s what to do:

  • Choose whether to take the mortgage finance a home purchase or if there is a Rescheduling for an existing property
  • Enter the Property value and the Mortgage amount you need. This automatically generates a percentage called the “loan to value”. The lower your loan value, the cheaper the mortgage rates available
  • Check the appropriate box if it a. is Buy-to-rent or interest-only mortgage (You need a repayment strategy for these deals) or if you are looking for a mortgage to get one shared ownership property
  • Finally, filter your search for the Type of mortgage For example, you might want a two or five year fix or tracker. The filter is set for a complete mortgage term of 25 years, which you can change if necessary.

What else do I have to know?

Mortgage deals with the cheapest rates usually involve fees. You can prepay these or add them to the loan. To account for the cost of the fee, sort the results by “Initial Period Cost” (in the “Sort by” drop-down list).

Alternatively, you can order the results by initial rate, lowest fee, or monthly repayment – even the lender’s “follow-up rate” to which the deal reverts at the end of the term.

While mortgage rates change daily, the cheapest are reserved for larger deposits, typically 60% of the property’s value or more. And in all cases, you need sufficient income and good credit to take out a mortgage.

If you want to see what your monthly mortgage payments might look like in different scenarios while overlaid with household bills, our mortgage calculator will calculate the totals.

While Trussle lists around 12,000 mortgage offers from 90 lenders – which is the bulk of the market – on occasion, some offers are exclusively available through a handful of brokers, so you may not see them listed.

When can I start rescheduling?

Mortgage offers from the major lenders typically last six months (as detailed in our Top Lenders for Debt Restructuring), although some lenders limit the expiration date to three months. It pays to look for a new mortgage contract so far in advance as you can set an interest rate that you see today – for free and with no strings attached.

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