While House focuses on China, farm groups see other land buyers


TIAA – through its investment manager Nuveen – is characterized by the scale of its agricultural investments in the US and Brazil, he said. The $ 1.7 trillion fund also has holdings in Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Poland and Romania.

“Since this is a US company, you will not be included in this discussion of appropriating threats by the Chinese government to invest in US land,” he said. “We believe there needs to be a wider discussion of corporate land resource capture in the US and abroad.”

“We need to find ways to maintain local control and diversify land ownership in this country,” Treakle said.

The TIAA isn’t the only pension fund that finds farmland attractive. The Washington State Investment Board, which administers the funds for the state’s public employees, includes agricultural land and mining and minerals, energy and “vital assets” in its property, plant and equipment portfolio, which accounts for 5 to 7 percent of its $ 176 billion investment matters.

“All TA [tangible assets] Investments have different return characteristics, but generally the goal is to achieve both income and appreciation over a long horizon. Our selected agricultural investments fit in with this goal, ”said Chris Philips, Director of Institutional Relations and Public Affairs for the Investment Board, via email.

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