Workforce recruitment plan, multiple projects and contracts to start this year – ARAB TIMES


KUWAIT CITY, June 19: The Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) has announced that it intends to present a huge package of projects and contracts in the current financial year 2021/2022, reports the daily Al-Anba. According to the project list, the company has around 57 orders that it intends to offer in the coming months. She will hire consultants to conduct several technical, commercial, accounting and tax studies for a range of local and international investment opportunities in June and September.

Most of the projects PIC plans to offer focus on supplies and services from the company’s factories in the Shuaiba area. It intends to start a series of projects in the current month of April, initially including a service contract for reservations of tickets, hotels, conferences and external courses as well as the provision of new office furniture for post-graduate employees, security guards, inspection and security tours the company’s factories in the Shuaiba area, headquarters and Boubyan Club, and the data encryption project. The company also has contracts to develop and automate financial transaction systems, supply chemicals that are added to polypropylene to make certain types of polypropylene products, and supply chemicals that improve the product specifications of polypropylene called primary and secondary antioxidants .

PIC also has a plan to hire workers for operational and maintenance activities, support work in the company’s factories, replacement and repair work on the doors of export warehouses, and a project to dispose of industrial waste from additives and chemical catalysts in the polypropylene plant. The company has subscription fees for the right to access information about the consultant’s marketing and technical studies, as well as transportation of the polypropylene product from the company’s warehouse to the polycarbonate factory to the storage area in the Shuaiba area and subsequent transportation to the Shuaiba. set port for loading and shipping.

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